MAKING NOW – Call for Papers

The 2017 CIVA Conference invites paper proposals that engage the conference theme Making Now. These papers should be scholarly and interdisciplinary, engaging a variety of disciplines including theology, philosophy, sociology, art history, art theory and practice, and practical ministry. The questions guiding this conference are twofold:

Q: Given the current economic, environmental, and social climate in our world, what are the cultural and theological implications of “making,” specifically with respect to art?

Q: How can Christians exhibit grace, peace, hospitality, love, and shalom to the world through the process of making?

There are a number of ways that these questions can be addressed (sub-topics listed below), and the successful proposals will be grouped by theme and content for moderated 20-minute presentations at the CIVA Conference. Some papers may also be grouped as student panels or book panels.

Successful proposals will clearly articulate the primary thesis of the presentation and its contribution to the field. Proposals will integrate creative praxis and religion in meaningful ways. Proposals should include the paper title, topic, and a 100-200 word abstract. Papers should not yet have been presented at a previous CIVA conference, nor published through an academic outlet. The deadline for proposals is April 1, 2017. You will be notified by April 15 if your paper has been accepted. Accepted presenters are required to register for the day of the conference on which they present their writing.

There are three main sub-topics listed below. Preference will be given to papers that engage these sub-topics, but we also encourage Open Topic Proposals:

Making NEW – Art as Re-creation

– Transformation in Art
– Escapism vs. Alternate Realities
– The Prophetic Function of Art
– Christian Involvement in Art and Politics
– Art in the Public Sphere
– Alternative Art Communities
– Fantasy and Imagination in Art
– Community-based Art Projects

Making WHOLE – Art as Reconciliation

– Liberation in Art
– The Healing Power of Art
– Christian Ethics Behind Street Art
– Art and the Global Community
– Spiritual Holism and Embodied Art
– Social Justice in Art
– Tolerance and Transgression in Art
– Peace-making through Art

Making SENSE – Art as Renewal

– Renewal in Art
– Divine Inspiration in Art
– Art in the Church vs. Art in the World
– Art and Blasphemy
– Spiritual and Artistic Authenticity
– Sacred and Secular Spaces
– Art and Liturgy
– Creation and the Image of God

Session Organizers

Steven Felix-JagerSteven Félix-Jäger completed his Ph.D. at the University of Wales. He is an artist, scholar, and educator teaching courses in theology, philosophy, and humanities at Southeastern University and Polk State College as an adjunct professor, and art as a high school teacher. He is the author of Pentecostal Aesthetics (2015), With God On Our Side (2017), and of numerous scholarly journal articles about art, aesthetics, and theology.


Taylor Worley serves as Associate Vice President of Spiritual Life and University Taylor WorleyMinistries as well as Associate Professor of Christian Thought at Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. He completed a Ph.D. in the areas of contemporary art and theological aesthetics in the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews.


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