MAKING NOW – Exhibits

Exhibit Receptions

June 15, 2017: 4:00PM-6:00PM
Duke & Heritage Art Galleries
APU West Campus

Devon Tsuno juror talk at 5:00 PM in the gallery.


The Late Late Show

Wilden Hall 111
APU Main/East Campus

Share your art at the Late, Late Show. This CIVA conference tradition is a fast-paced, digital presentation to serve as a catalyst for conversation with other conference attendees. Submit your digital artwork to sign up for a three minute slot to guide us through your art, process, current problems (aesthetically, no minor surgery stories please), hopes, dreams, wishes, etc. At three minutes, the moderator will cut you off in this rapid fire, thunder dome of art and faith. Those three minutes can be spent on a single slide or 18 ten second slides. If you have not already signed up to present, please log back in to your registration details and click the box next to “Late Show Presenter” to guarantee a spot. Submit your hi-res images to to host, Jacob Amundson by 9PM Wednesday, June 14. The Late, Late show runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night of the conference from 9:30-10:30.

Jacob Amundson will serve as host for the the Late Late Show. He is the chair of the department of art at Greenville University where he has taught for the past ten years. Jake received his M.F.A. in New Genre from Azusa Pacific University in 2010. Direct any questions about the Late, Late Show to Jake at


Making Now Juried Exhibit

Duke & Heritage Art Galleries
APU West Campus
devon-tsuno-fpWe thank artist and curator Devon Tsuno for his dillingence in serving as the juror for CIVA’s MAKING NOW Biennial Conference Exhibit. Devon’s final selection of artists and their works are listed below:

Bethany Picone
Slippery Allure

Coulter Prehm
A Prayer for Winter’s End

Joe Lloyd, Grade
Joe Lloyd, Grade

Curtis Wilks
A Stiff Neck People

Jeremie Riggleman
Domestic Totem
Half-ass Sheep

Jessie Taylor
Cousin #16
Uncle #1

Joe Lloyd
Neon Prong

Justin Sorensen
Sweet Emotion

Kenneth Steinbach
The Voice of the People

Kirsten Van Mourick

Lorie McCown
Invisible Epiphanies

Matt Whitney
Clairvoyance (Walking the Words of Others)

Micah Bloom
Confidence and Timidity

Michelle Westmark Wingard
Belgium/Minnesota (for Henry)
The Crash Site From Above/Nothing Grows Here
Former WWII Hospital/ Aerial Map

Tina Linville
Cruel Slash Gentle

Wayne Adams
The People Worshipped the Golden Calf Aaron Had Made
A Wise Man Builds His House Upon a Rock
Render Unto Ceasar What is Ceasar’s

Zac Buser
Digging Stick

The Walk In Show

Duke Alumni Art Gallery Hallway
APU West Campus

All conference attendees are invited to submit work to the MAKING NOW Walk In Show. Please note that all pieces submitted must be ready to hang, with wires on the back of the art work. For works on paper, magnets will be used for hanging. Additionally, each artist must supply labels for their work in an envelope attached to their work when it is dropped off at the Duke Alumni Art Gallery. All art works must be picked up at the end of the conference, no exceptions. During the day, this large hallway is unsecured. However, the building is secured during the evening hours.

We: Visual Reflections of the American Spirit

Darling Hallway Gallery
APU West Campus

Diane Williams, "Being a Woman is not a Pre-existing Condition"
Diane Williams, “Being a Woman is not a Pre-existing Condition”

“We” is an exhibition that re-affirms the root aspirations of the American experiment. As our public political discourse has become increasingly toxic and polarized, we return to the core unifying claims of the United States Constitution — that “we the people” have a collective vested interest in the pursuit of certain ideals expressed concisely in the Preamble: “establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty”. These pursuits remain just as vital today as they were in 1787.

This group exhibition features invited artists to reconsider the immediacy of these core themes of Justice, Peace, Defense, Welfare, and Liberty; exploring the myriad ways these constitutional aspirations remain active challenges to our pursuit of unity as “we the people” in America today.

The suite of images is taken through each participating artist’s mobile device dating from the beginning through midway this year. Each photograph captures instantaneous, raw reflections of everyday life while evoking emotions, and insights into the human condition during the first half of 2017.

Participating artists include: James Ruby Barsalou, Mark Batongmalaque, Teresita De La Torre, D Hill, Paul Kelley, Doug McCulloh, Juliana Rico and others to be announced.

We: Visual Reflections of the American Experiment is organized by Alyssa Cordova, Assistant Curator, Orange County Museum of Art, Jennifer Frias, Associate Curator, Sweeney Art Gallery, UC Riverside, and Jeff Rau, Director and Curator, Earl and Virginia Green Art Gallery, Biola University.

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