CIVA Tours to Orvieto and Paris

A signature CIVA activity has been its program of art tours. As expected, these travel programs are occasions to see great art. But they are often something more: opportunities for education, community, and even spiritual renewal. This fall, CIVA is offering two new travel tours for 2016. The first, in January 2016, is centered in Orvieto and the Umbrian region of Italy; the second, in May 2016, will be held in Paris.

CIVA 2016 Tours in France and Italy

Leading the Orvieto Tour (January 14-23, 2016) is John Skillen, Ph.D., who teaches at Gordon College and directs the Studio for Faith, Art, and History. This study tour is themed “Who Makes the Art Work?” From Rome to Florence, John knows the churches, museums, piazzas, public sculptures, and monasteries of the region intimately well and is a brilliant tour leader. Joining John as the CIVA host is Brian Moss. Brian is a singer/songwriter, who serves as Associate Pastor of Congregational Life at Orcas Island which is located in Eastsound, Washington. Pastors and other church leaders especially are invited to join this tour, but all are welcome. Have we whet your appetite for travel? If so, contact Brian Moss at See details, itinerary, and pricing in this PDF: CIVA Orvieto Tour, January 14-23, 2016 (PDF)

CIVA 2016 Art Tour to Paris, France

CIVA’s Paris Tour (May 10-16, 2016) is themed “Art and Christian Pilgrimage.” This tour will be led and hosted by Linda Stratford, Ph.D. Linda serves on CIVA’s Board of Directors, teaches art history at Asbury University, and leads the university’s Semester in Paris program. For Linda, the museums, churches, boulevards, and cafes of Paris are a second home. This tour differs from the Orvieto tour in one important respect. In reading the tour description, please note that the fee structure for this event is designed, in part, to raise funds for a CIVA-sponsored video curriculum Linda is producing in partnership with Nathan Clarke and Fourthlinefilms. To learn more about this tour, please contact Linda (who is, even now, in Paris) at See details, itinerary, and pricing in this PDF: CIVA Paris Tour, May 10-16, 2016 (PDF) 

Earth Day

by Cameron J. Anderson From SEEN Journal XV:1 2015, “Landscape” Issue Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span, enclosed the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance? —Isaiah 40:12 The earthContinue Reading

Likeness and Presence: Catherine Prescott’s Portraits

Likeness and Presence: Catherine Prescott’s Portraits

By Theodore Prescott In his influential book Likeness and Presence: A History of the Image before the Era of Art Hans Belting described a pivotal transition in European art history. The transition began at the end of the medieval period. The Christian use of images to invoke and make sensibly present the invisible God beganContinue Reading

CIVA Sourcebook Featured Artist – Mary McCleary

CIVA is pleased to feature Mary McCleary as one of the selected artists from the CIVA 2015-2016 Sourcebook Juried Exhibit. Mary makes collages by attaching materials such as paint, paper, rag board, foil, glitter, wire, mirrors, beads, painted sticks, string, leather, small plastic toys and other found objects on heavy paper, much in the way a painter buildsContinue Reading

CIVA Sourcebook Featured Artist – Justin Sorensen

CIVA is pleased to feature Justin Sorensen as one of the selected artists from the CIVA 2015-2016 Sourcebook Juried Exhibit. Justin’s studio practice explores perceptions of time, religion, history, and nature at the intersection and overlap of performance, sculpture, photography, and drawing.    

CIVA Summer Fund

by Cameron Anderson This summer I have been getting to know Elmo, a local graffiti artist who lives, as do I, in Madison, Wisconsin. Our meeting has been entirely happenstance—he is painting a large mural on the rear wall of the Gardner Bakery building and I am using the building’s loading dock to haul awayContinue Reading

Seeing the Unseen, Church Gallery Handbook

CIVA’s much-anticipated Church Gallery Handbook, Seeing the Unseen: Launching and Managing a Church Gallery, is now available for purchase online in the CIVA Store. Co-authors Sandra Bowden and Marianne Lettieri designed this book to offer practical help to local churches seeking to incorporate visual art into the life of their faith community. The content andContinue Reading

Ben Quash on the Interrogation and Provocation of Art (video)

Ben Quash on the Interrogation and Provocation of Art (video)

Here is a video greeting “on a sunny morning in London” from Ben Quash, one of the plenary speakers for “Between Two Worlds” this June. The conference will examine how theology can engage with contemporary art. Ben discusses how it’s exciting that art can bring “a more intensive interrogation of our reality and our world, the meaningContinue Reading

Generous Conversations, Lasting Relationships (video)

CIVA Board Members Karen Brummond and Kevin Hamilton discuss what attracts them about CIVA: generous conversations, heterogeneous perspectives, and lasting relationships with others.

Sourcebook Featured Artist – March

Sourcebook Featured Artist – March

Patrick Luber is the featured artist this month from the CIVA Sourcebook Juried Competition. Title: I Can See Your Breath (2012) Media: wood, aluminum beverage cans, brass nails, safety glass, laser cut steel, paint Dimensions: 28″ x 15″ x 7″ This work is a wall relief sculpture / cabinet with hinged doors that take theContinue Reading