Here’s what members are saying about CIVA.

CIVA provides me with a real connection to other artists of faith as well as opportunities to exhibit my work…If you want to reach an international audience as an artist, CIVA is the easiest way. – Wayne Forte

CIVA Testimonials





CIVA is a safe haven to genuinely discuss issues of faith, art academe, and art-making in the fellowship of open-minded believers who are leaders in their field. – Joyce Lee

CIVA has helped me share my work with collectors, galleries, and faith-based institutions…the family-like atmosphere at the conference left my spirit filled and looking forward to the next fellowship. – Steve Prince

The CIVA Network has been a great tool to connect with artists around the country and world.  I love being part of a community of like-minded artists where everyone shares work, positive words, and connects with each other in ways that weren’t possible before. – Jennie

For years I’ve been “renting” color reproduction space in the CIVA Sourcebook, often a full page image. Mostly this began as a means of supporting CIVA’s mission, but I discovered that this directory was being consulted by curators, gallerists, and universities seeking artist-exhibitor-speakers. I’ve derived many exhibits and deep encouragement coming from being a full participant in CIVA. – Bruce Herman, Artist and Professor

CIVA has been a valuable resource for MVNU as faculty have attended the conference. In addition, we have hosted traveling CIVA art exhibitions in our Schnormeier Gallery in the Buchwald Art Center of MVNU campus. – John Donnelly, MVNU Art and Design, Department Chair

The CIVA Network is a real space of fellowship. The generous spirit cultivated by the members, as shown through encouragement, feedback, and kindness, is what I love most. I see the CIVA community responding to the mandate in Hebrews 10:24 to “spur one another on toward love.” Thank you for the gift of CIVA! – Greta

JUSTart2013-_DSC1989-Peter Thompson

The CIVA website is packed with ideas, inspiration, support, and opportunities. Spending some time to check it out is certainly worthwhile. For example, I was reading through the mission statement recently and was so encouraged by this sentence: “the visual arts help the church to rehearse and remember the biblical story.”  I felt so at home, because that’s often exactly what I’m trying to do with my own paintings and murals. – Linda Hoover, Artist

We have enjoyed more CIVA [traveling exhibit] shows than I can count. Your organization is our go-to source for interesting, professional, inspiring creative exhibits. Our congregation and community love these shows. I do not know of another similar resource for touring faith-based art. – Mark, Associate Pastor

Thoughtful, graceful, environment where excellence is pursued and cultivated in humility.- Matt

My conversations throughout our community of artists are so rich. – Drew

Meeting other Christian artists whom I can connect with and possibly show their art in our gallery was my highlight from the JUSTart CIVA Conference. I loved hearing about socially conscious artists and what and how they are doing. – Michele, Gallery Director

Thank you for all the work you do, for how you conduct yourselves with such graciousness, and for producing a truly remarkable gathering… in such good taste and so rich in content and aesthetics. – Saundra


I have had success connecting with other artists at CIVA. I was invited to be in a curated exhibit, and had a couple of church organizations want to use images of my paintings (which they saw on the CIVA Network) for their publications. – Stephanie,

The depth of content, thought regarding the interplay between the Gospel, art and justice was impressive [at the JUSTart conference]. The speakers selected to share their papers was on target. Their writings were thought provoking, biblically sound, and intellectually and personally challenging. – Alicia

The opportunities for fellowship and worship are always the highlights (of the CIVA conference). The diversity of membership and the quality of the artwork are refreshing and inspiring. –Gaylund Stone, Art Department Chair, Concordia University

(The highlight of the JUSTart conference was) having meaningful conversations with people I admire and meeting new people which I’ll keep in contact with. I was very encouraged and refreshed to continue to leading our arts ministry as a staff person at a church. – DeAnn, Arts Ministry Leader

I really enjoyed the worship and show as it flowed out with the residue of ideas float on the surface yet to be taken in fully to my mind.  Hearing the plenary speakers simply tell their stories was a delight. JUSTart felt like a very different conference then the past, more diverse and at the same time more cohesive. It was lovely to just float on the surface and watch the array of ideas and images. I have been to the many arts things from the Gruenewald Guild, the Glen, Kindling Fest and this was by far the best experience! – Grace

The highlight of the JustArt CIVA conference was the freedom found in a community of like-minded individuals all striving for the common goal of elevating our Lord, each other and our art. – Stacey

It was energizing (at JUSTart) to interact with so many focused and intelligent artists. One commonality that I found within many of the presenter’s material was a desire to create more “inclusive” works of art (especially community involvement). While I spend most of my time with my work in a more insular/individual mode, perhaps I can generate new opportunities to make projects that involve more than just one artist. – Zac

One of the best things about the CIVA Conference for me was the incredible energy of the many young people attending and how few of us older members there were. The baton seems to have been passed. The quality of the speakers was wonderful, also the amount and quality of the art shown and at the late show was incredibly high. Praise the Lord things did not collapse when those of us who began this all started to pass the baton. Cam Anderson, Dayton Castleman, Tim Lowly, Leah Samuelson, Bruce Herman, and Mako were major sparks. – Joan

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