On Simplicity

By Shauna Lee Lange In the search for simplicity, many of us have tried every time management technique under the sun: itemizing and prioritizing to-do lists; subdividing each day into smaller increments, hoping that small accomplishments will beget larger ones; working through the night according to preferred biorhythms; day planners; Post-it notes; Evernote; and all… Continue Reading

Lynn Aldrich – Uncommon Artist

By Barry Krammes In anticipation of CIVA’s MAKING NOW conference, where Lynn Aldrich will be one of the guest presenters, we offer a sneak peek via this documentary film of her work. Biola University’s Center for Christianity, Culture and the Arts presents Lynn Aldrich: Uncommon Artist, a documentary film providing a poetically rendered portrait of Los… Continue Reading

André Cadere’s Colored Barres

By Leah Samuelson I’d like to invite you to visit the empty corner of a room in the New Modern collection at the Art Institute of Chicago and imagine a colorful wooden walking stick propped there on end, with no alarms or ropes around it. The stick, or barre as André Cadere called it, used… Continue Reading

The Apocalypse Appears: the Art of Devi Anne Moore

By Marisa Martin I remember when I first stumbled across the work of artist Devi Anne Moore years ago. Her treasures surfaced during a personal pilgrimage, a mostly futile search for interesting, contemporary, Christian art. Pickings seemed slim in those days; the Internet was an undependable infant, and communications between like-minded artists required antique devices… Continue Reading

IN REVIEW: Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

By Shauna Lee Lange While living in Tampa, Florida, in the early 1990s, our family suffered an all-consuming house fire. Poof. Everything instantly burnt to embers. Even still today, it’s hard to reconcile the fact that one’s reality can be dismantled so abruptly. How can a singular incident alter so much of what we know… Continue Reading

An American Iconography

By Christine Simoneau Hales While I was in my second year of grad school at the College of New Rochelle, New York, my husband was busy photographing and writing his book Monastic Gardens (2000). Tagging along on photo shoots to monasteries, churches, and convents in the UK and France, I received my first introduction to… Continue Reading

On the Overlap of Ignatian and Artistic Practice

By Kenneth Steinbach Two winters ago, my daughter Harper and I drove south for a show of my work at a small college in Illinois. The day after the busyness of the exhibit and speaking events, we ventured into St. Louis to recover. A fresh layer of snow that had fallen through the night covered… Continue Reading

The Twenty-First Century Artist

By Mckenzie Laird An ambitious twenty-something, my host Taleyah embodied the intricate knot of local tradition and expatriate influence that undergirds much of the contemporary, cosmopolitan Middle East. In her sleek black hijab and lively pink lipstick, she generously ordered several extravagant, tasty items from the menu for us to share at the gourmet Japanese… Continue Reading

Making as Cheap Therapy

By Dave Zentner I’ve spent my entire life making stuff when I should be doing other things. As an energetic child, I was constantly getting sent to my room . . . which was fine with me because I had markers and a ream of office paper there (my most treasured birthday present each year).… Continue Reading

Making is Not Enough

Editor’s note: In publishing our 52 Weeks of Making blog, CIVA member posts have spanned a spectrum of topics, genres, and opinions. From the beginning of this project, it has been our intent to encourage more voices in our CIVA community to speak up, allowing the rest of us a chance to hear them. What… Continue Reading