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Encountering the Arts with Faith, Hope, and Love

Editor’s note: Please enjoy this article written by CIVA Board member Taylor Worley, originally published (with more accompanying art) in the Fall 2017 edition of Trinity Magazine and adapted from various chapters in Contemporary Art and the Church: Conversations Between Two Worlds, W. David O. Taylor and Taylor Worley, eds. (IVP Academic, 2017). Among the plentiful… Continue Reading

PRACTICE: Poetry Correction

Editor’s note: In the recent reformatting of CIVA’s Seen Journal, we were delighted to be able to add more art and, as it turned out, more poetry. That was the good news. The bad news was that somehow the poems got dismantled in the process…and not very poetically. Thankfully, Tania Runyan was beyond gracious about the… Continue Reading


By Cameron J. Anderson Some conversations are not easily forgotten. One morning last May, New York artist and long-time friend Chris Anderson called to share some devastating news: hundreds of her paintings, prints, and drawings had been destroyed in a fire that swept through the Bronx warehouse where they were being stored. Her life’s work,… Continue Reading

Moon Pies and Howard Finster

Editor’s Note: While I was listening to an NPR story about Moon Pies (of all things) the other day, the artist Howard Finster’s name came up…which reminded me of the excellent essay our friend Steve Pattie wrote for a recent SEEN Journal about how he began collecting Finster’s art. It was fun revisiting the tale,… Continue Reading

Cultivating Hope

Friends of CIVA, One clear benefit of serving as CIVA’s Executive Director these past eight years has been the opportunity to participate in a non-stop exchange about art, faith, and life with you, CIVA members and supporters. Honestly, I never weary of it. Having listened a fair bit, let me be bold to say that… Continue Reading

Doodles from Hutchmoot

By Ned Bustard Since 2010, Hutchmoot has convened annually in Nashville, Tennessee, for a weekend of food, music, and conversation “centered on art, faith, and the telling of great stories across a range of mediums.” This year’s keynote speaker was CIVA’s good friend W. David Taylor. Among the seminars offered, “The Art of Patience: Pursuing Creativity through… Continue Reading

Stopped in his Tracks: Ben Cowan

The work that I’m making is the result of being stopped in my tracks. Ben Cowan’s imagination is captivated by elements of residential Brooklyn, New York: a leaf folding over a wrought iron gate, potted plants appearing to ascend a stoop, sneakers suspended on the branch of a tree.  In the mundane, Cowan sees metaphors… Continue Reading

Response to Charlottesville

Editor’s Note: It goes without saying that the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend have left most of us speechless, wondering when it will end, and what we can possibly do to help. While grieving the situation, we received a note in the CIVA office this week from a friend of CIVA, Maureen Brondyke,… Continue Reading

Making Meaning

Editor’s note: Despite our best efforts, from time to time, we really blow it. This is one of those times. If you received a copy of the 2017-2018 CIVA Sourcebook, you were greeted with an excellent introductory essay…by Chris Anderson, who was the curator for our 2015-2016 Sourcebook. What follows is the essay by this… Continue Reading