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Lumen Christi: Easter Encounters with Art

A painting by Gabriele Wilpers

Timothy VerdonThis April 5-9, 2016, Mount Tabor Centre for Art and Spirituality invites you to an experience of contemplation and creativity in an atmosphere of monastic hospitality and peace.

Artists and those who love art are welcome to a retreat, Lumen Christi; An Easter Encounter with Art at the Community of Jesus, an ecumenical monastery on Cape Cod, MA. This art and spirituality immersion will include lectures by the world renowned author, art historian, and museum curator Msgr. Timothy Verdon of Florence, Italy, on the themes of light, resurrection and rebirth. Quiet times of worship and prayer in the Church of the Transfiguration, and conversation with fellow pilgrims, will serve as a counterpoint to these stimulating lectures!

Gabriele WilpersA smaller group of participants may attend in a studio workshop led by artist Gabriele Wilpers from Essen, Germany. In the workshop, participants will explore acrylic based panel painting in combination with other materials such as sand, marble powder, crackle finish or gold dust, based on the Japanese Kintsugi technique. Kintsugi, a practice of repairing broken ceramic objects with gold dust and other materials to celebrate the flaws, can actually be a metaphor for life, finding value in the missing pieces, cracks and chips, and seeing beauty in the unexpected and undervalued. The studio experience will provide opportunity for mentoring, discussion and reflection. Come for a day of lectures, worship, and meals, or set aside four days to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and Easter joy.

For more information visit:, email: or call 508-240-7090.

Who Is God? – A Poem

From SEEN Journal XV.2 – The Sustainable Life   Who Is God? By Tamisha Tyler At age 5, He is the best answer For Sunday school questions. At age 8, He is the person you give your life to (Although the lady called him Jesus) At age 13, He is the only one Who will… Continue Reading

CIVA Featured Artist – Denise Kufus Weyhrich

“I am having the time of my life!” Denise Kufus Weyhrich is an installation artist who works to create conversations and encouragement through conceptual works. Her media and forms are intrinsic to each artwork and involve manipulated found objects. Her works are centered on the metaphorical, authentic and spiritual, yet presented in conceptual installations. As… Continue Reading

Doing Good Well – Living Fully Into Our Good Intentions

By Laura Cootsona A “desert island book” by definition is one that will feed you in the direst of circumstances and do so predictably over time. My list—prepared in advance, just in case—includes Sabbath by Wayne Muller. Wayne speaks to my heart by consoling and cajoling, encouraging and emboldening. He confirms my beliefs, and he… Continue Reading

Journey Toward Good

By Yanina Gomez From SEEN Journal XV.II, A Sustainable Life I love storytelling. There is something about it that connects souls with one another at a much deeper level. Jesus often told stories to connect with the crowds. Stories touch our hearts, souls, and minds. I would love to share my story with you—perhaps something… Continue Reading

Psalm for the January Thaw

By Luci Shaw From SEEN Journal XV:1 2015, “Landscape” Blessed be God for thaw, for the clear drops that fall, one by one, like clocks ticking, from the icicles along the eaves. For shift and shrinkage, including the soggy gray mess on the deck like an abandoned mattress that has lost its inner spring. For… Continue Reading

Announcing Doing Good Well 2016

CIVA is thrilled to announce that a fourth gathering of young women in the arts, Doing Good Well 2016, will take place August 11 – 14. After encouraging and rich gatherings in 2011, 2012, and 2014, Doing Good Well has received funding from The Sister Fund to continue the important work of fostering the next… Continue Reading

Art for Advent and Epiphany

How might 15th Century Florentine art enrich our Advent journey in the 21st Century? Art for Advent is a video series written and narrated by art historian James Romaine. Introduction: These video meditations depict the annunciation by Fra Angelico, Fra Filippo Lippi, Sandro Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci.   For the first Sunday in Advent,… Continue Reading

Biola / CCCA – The Advent Project

The Center for Christianity, Culture, and the Arts, from CIVA Member Biola University, offers an excellent Advent resource called The Advent Project, running from Nov 29 through Jan 7, and featuring devotional reflections, visual art, videos, and music. Enrich your Advent experience. Visit on the web or subscribe to daily emails. Continue Reading

Featured Artist – Faye Hall

CIVA member Faye Hall lives in Winnipeg and paints portraits and abstract paintings. She says, “Inspiration is everywhere. It is like the presence of God. It can manifest in the texture of a tangle of branches in the woods, it can be an image that appears in my mind upon hearing the words of a… Continue Reading