How to Book a CIVA Traveling Exhibit

CIVA sponsors a variety of traveling exhibitions available for rental to museums, galleries, colleges, churches, and other institutions. Rental prices start at $300 per month. Venues are responsible for the rental fee and shipping, usually to the following venue. Digital files for labels, a brochure in PDF format that is ready to print, high resolution digital files of all works in the exhibit, and a sample press release accompany each rental. A Gallery Guide is currently in production to assist galleries in planning their shows, and will be made available in print and digital forms shortly. To learn more about bringing an exhibit to your gallery, listen to our Podcast: Hosting a CIVA Exhibit,

How to Book a CIVA Traveling Exhibit

Step One: Please refer to our Traveling Exhibit Page where you can  find a complete schedule of openings for our shows, pricing, images included in each show, and testimonials from gallery directors who have enjoyed renting CIVA shows for the past 35 years.

Step Two: Confer with the director of your gallery, museum, church or university. Here is a printable Traveling Exhibits PDF listing the exhibits CIVA currently has available for rental.

Step Three: Once you have chosen a show that will fit your needs please email Exhibit Coordinator Margot Rogers at with the name of the show and the dates you are interested in.

Step Four: We will send you an agreement stating what CIVA supplies, the rental cost of the show, and how payments will be made. The agreement lists the value of the show and tells you that you will need insurance onsite and CIVA will supply insurance in transit. Usually on-site insurance ryder costs $50-100 for the month, just talk to your insurance agent.

Step Five: When you return the signed agreement via email we will send you digital files for labels, a brochure in PDF format that is ready to print, text for artwork labels, high resolution digital files of all works in the exhibit, and a sample press release to accompany your rental.

Step Six: Once the reservation is made and the agreement is received by the office, your contact information and dates of rental will be added to our Traveling Exhibits Schedule. CIVA will help showcase your rental on its social media channels.

Step Seven: When you receive the show, follow the instructions for hanging that are contained in the crate. If there are certain pieces that you cannot accommodate in your space, you do not have to show them.

Step Eight: Enjoy your show.
Take lots of pictures, and submit your blog story to Margot at

Step Nine: Be sure to repack the show correctly according to the instructions.

Step Ten:  Shipping usually costs between $300-500 depending on where the show is going to next. CIVA would be happy to set up the shipping arrangements using our freight company if that is more convenient. Since we familiar with the system (we use, know our rep personally and can get you the best rate, it has been easier to do it this way. We will simply pick the cheapest rate and then call you or your assistant and use the Gallery Credit Card over the phone to pay for it. If you choose this option please let Margot know when you book your reservation. 


We look forward to helping you make your exhibit a great success.

For further information about how to rent one or more of these traveling exhibits, contact Margot Rogers, Exhibits Coordinator at:

Christians in the Visual Arts
255 Grapevine Road
Wenham, Massachusetts 01984-1813
Phone: 978.867.4124

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