Accomplishing CIVA’s mission requires the active participation of each member. Since half of CIVA’s funding comes directly from CIVA individual, organizational, and institutional memberships, a growing member base increases our capacity to serve the art and faith movement. Join CIVA or renew your membership at the level that best suits you, and enjoy the benefits—tangible and intangible—of belonging to the CIVA community.


CIVA Individual Membership
Individual Memberships are for art advocates and professionals, students, emerging artists, and seniors. Explore our CIVA Network members.
CIVA Institutional Membership
Institutional Membership is for colleges and universities with undergraduate or graduate programs, as well as theological seminaries involved in the visual arts. Explore our CIVA Member Art Departments.
CIVA Organizational Membership
Organizational Membership is for Churches, Galleries, Museums, Art Ministries and Organizations, and Publishers. Explore our Member Churches, Galleries & Museums, and Art Organizations



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