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Accomplishing CIVA’s mission requires the active participation of each member. Since half of CIVA’s funding comes directly from CIVA individual, organizational, and institutional memberships, a growing member base increases our capacity to serve the art and faith movement. Join CIVA or renew your membership at the level that best suits you, and enjoy the benefits—tangible and intangible—of belonging to the CIVA community.

CIVA Individual Membership connects you to other like-minded professionals. Benefits of membership include:

  • Receiving the award-winning SEEN Journal two times each year.
  • Inclusion in our biennial Sourcebook.
  • Access to the online CIVA Network.
  • Registration discounts to our biennial conference and other symposia.
  • Waived fee for submission of art to CIVA’s juried and traveling exhibits.
  • Free promotion of your personal exhibitions, lectures, awards, and publications on the CIVA website.

Your membership also directly supports the CIVA Blog, CIVA News, CIVA Labs, and a host of other networking opportunities.

We now offer automated monthly or annual payment options. This ensures your membership is always current—no expiration dates, no annual renewal reminders, no confusion.

Become a member nowor renew your membership—via our new automated system:


$25/mo Sustaining Members new-window-icon

$8/mo Individual Membership new-window-icon

$5/mo Senior Membership new-window-icon

$5/mo Emerging Artist Membership new-window-icon

$5/mo Student Membership new-window-icon


$300/yr Sustaining Members (annual) new-window-icon

$96/yr Individual Membership (annual) new-window-icon

$60/yr Senior Membership (annual) new-window-icon

$60/yr Emerging Artist Membership (annual) new-window-icon

$60/yr Student Membership (annual) new-window-icon


  • Simply click the link above for your membership type. You will be taken to our secure subscription page and asked to provide your name, email address, and payment information. Your membership payments will be processed automatically. Each month or year, depending on your chosen plan, you will receive a courtesy email reminding you of your upcoming installment.
  • Once you’ve set this up, you can log in any time at to view or change your membership settings or payment information.
  • What if I am already a (annual) member? No worries, Kate Austin will contact you when it is time to renew at the end of your membership year.

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