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Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,224
Graduate Enrollment: 3,960

Azusa Pacific UniversityArt & Design Program
Students Enrolled: 296
Graduates per Year: 30
Graduate Students Enrolled: 85-90
Graduate Graduates per Year: 12

Azusa Pacific University–Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
Department of Art and Design–National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Full-time Faculty
Stephen P. Johnson, D.M.A., Dean, College of Music and the Arts
John E. Simons, D.M.A., Associate Dean, College of Music and the Arts
Lyrica Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts
Kent Anderson Butler, M.F.A.
Bill Catling, M.F.A.
Monica Gonas, Ph.D.
Thomas Parham, Ph.D.
Rachel Tracie, Ph.D.

Azusa Pacific University

Associate Professors
Jill Brennan-Lincoln, M.A.
Brent Dickinson, M.F.A.
Angela S. George, Ph.D.
Christoper Keene, M.F.A.
Warren Koch, Ph.D.
Becky Roe, M.F.A.

Assistant Professors
Nathan Bell
Stephen Childs, M.F.A.
Terry Dobson, M.F.A.
Laurie Leinonen
Kirsten Lundin Humer, M.F.A.
Greg Michael, M.F.A.
Jessie Negron, M.F.A.

Adjunct Professors
Cabrina Alviar, M.F.A.
Danielle Baca
Rachel Campbell
Andi Chapman, M.F.A.
Yookyoung Choi, Ph.D.
Jesse Corti
Kristen Cruz, M.F.A.
Karen M. Dunaetz
Kari Dunham, M.F.A.
Erin Gaw
Tonja Graves Schmitt, M.F.A., M.P.S.
Jeffrey Grubbs, Ph.D.
David Hadinger, M.F.A.
Adam Hall, M.F.A.
Susan Isaacs
Ryan Izay
Guy Kinnear, M.F.A.
Angela Lee, M.F.A.
James W. Lincoln, M.F.A.
Joe Lloyd, M.F.A.
Phil Lollar, M.F.A.
Claudia Morales McCain, M.F.A.
Elaine McLemore, Ph.D.
Shelby Moser, Ph.D. Candidate
Mark Nelson, M.F.A.
Moto Okawa, M.F.A.
Cheryl McKay Price, M.A.
Mary Ann Rachford, Ed.D.
Gregory Sims
Jamie Sweetman, M.F.A.
Jeff Tirrell
Jonathan Vermeer, M.P.W.
Elaine Y. Yau, Ph.D.

Degrees Offered
M.F.A. in Visual Art
B.F.A. in Visual Art
B.A. in Art
B.A. in Graphic Design
M.A. in Modern Art History, Theory and Criticism (online)

Art, Graphic Design

Teaching, Studio: Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Ceramics, Printmaking, Interdisciplinary

Art, Graphic Design, Art History

Art & Design Program Highlights

  • The mission of the Azusa Pacific University Department of Art and Design is to prepare art students for a lifetime of artistic expression and to cultivate individual creativity through the study of history, technique, presentation, and social engagement, as a reflector of the creative and transformative nature of God. Faculty believe that art is a socially responsible calling that challenges students to act as transformers in the world. In human history, artists have been the vehicles for spiritual, social, political, and psychological definition and change. Therefore, art is presented as both a professional occupation and an essential part of a liberal arts education. APU students train to continue in that artistic tradition.
  • In the B.F.A. in Visual Art, students have the flexibility to choose one of nine concentrations that is best suited to their academic and career goals.
  • For the B.A. in Studio Art, students take courses that provide a broad groundwork in art and select an area of specialization.
  • For the B.A. in Graphic Design, students learn to think creatively about visual communication problems by gaining experience in print design, webpage design, digital imaging, and developing design systems.
  • The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Art low-residency program accommodates the working artist/educator and centers primarily on studio activity and the integration of faith and art. Students engage in highly collaborative relationships with MFA Program mentor-professors, enabling artists to hone their talent through critique and individual instruction.
  • The M.F.A. low-residency program format enables students to complete their degree during four summer terms and independent studio practice during the fall and spring semesters.
  • The Undergraduate program offers six semesters of ceramic courses, unique to Southern California CCCU schools
  • M.F.A. is the first graduate art degree in the CCCU schools that encourages students to integrate the essential elements of their faith, life, and art.
  • Through a graduate-level M.A. degree, students are prepared to contribute professional scholarship and research to the fields of modern and contemporary art. Graduates may go on to further studies at the doctoral level, or to careers in art curating, gallery and museum work, and teaching.

Other Art-Related Programs

  • Humanities courses and studio art are taught at the High Sierra Campus in Yosemite.
  • Study Abroad Office offers art courses throughout Europe, Africa, and cultural centers in the U.S.

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