Visual Voice | Lincoln Berean Church

Visual Voice6400 South 70th Street
Lincoln, NE 68516

Ann Williams – Visual Voice Leader
Mike Stelzer – Worship Pastor
Bryan Clark – Senior Pastor

Mission Statement
Visual VoiceCreated to create through Christ by:

  • Fostering growth in faith
  • Helping artists find their unique visual voice
  • Encouraging artists at all skill levels
  • Connecting artists with each other
  • Sharing creative gifts in the church, community, and beyond

We desire and seek to see God glorified through the arts and to see all people made complete in Christ. We continually seek the Lord and His direction for our ministry which means we are constantly in a state of changing and growing. We long to see artists understand their worthy calling and grow in their spiritual lives and skill level so that they can share the unique message God has given to each of them. We are passionate about artists of all levels and all ages and we desire to reach beyond the walls of our church and connect with artists in our community and beyond. We also desire to be a resource to churches and individuals seeking practical ways to lead others in their faith as it relates to the arts.


  • Two semi-annual themed galleries
  • Two rotating galleries (six week timeframes) – submissions for these spaces are reviewed periodically; please email to request an application.
  • Special Spaces – these are places within the church that require specific ministry tailored-exhibits which are temporary to semi-permanent (e.g. Library space).

**special events or exhibits are celebrated with receptions which are used as opportunities for church outreach

Core Classes

  • “The Call to Create” entry level class discussing the importance of artists and helping people understand the worth of being an artist
  • “Creative Connections” is a class designed to connect artists. This class meets each spring semester in which a new theme is incorporated into five areas: Biblical Study; Skill Practice; Conceptual Exercises; Art History; and Professional Practices. Past sub-titles: What Do I do when God calls me to art? (winter 2012); Walking with the Savior (winter 2011); Exploring Together (fall 2010); Mixed Media- Broken (fall 2009); Creation (spring 2009).

Other Classes

  • Visual Voice“Skill Classes” help people develop their technique in a variety of class specific media. They are designed to meet artists at all skill levels and are taught by practicing artists. Teachers also share Biblical studies, devotionals, and life experiences as they focus their learning on themes that relate to art as an expression of worship. Classes we’ve offered: Sculpture: Community, Stewardship, Worship (2012), Abstract Acrylics: Worship (2011); Pastels: Learning to Co-Create (2011); Plein Air (summer 2011); Oil Painting: Learning from the Masters; Pastels: Beginning Level; Photography: Beginning Level
  • “Forums” These classes are designed to bring together people of all skill levels to work on their art. We’ve held forums in painting and drawing but the on-going forum is Photography. This group is project oriented and is in charge of one of the two semi-annual themed gallery spaces.

Live Art

  • From time to time artists will be called upon to create work for a sermon series or join the band on stage during the weekend services to create a piece to coincide with the message and lead the congregation in worship.

Outreach and Service

  • This area is currently in its infancy as we seek God’s direction on how to turn our creative passions toward serving others in the church, the community and beyond!


  • From time to time we also hold workshops or special events to gather the artists together in community and help them grow deeper in their spiritual understanding of reclaiming the arts for the glory of God.

We also currently communicate to our artists through a monthly to bi-monthly newsletter which shares devotionals, what is going on in our midst, and opportunities in the community and beyond. If you’d like to share your “call to artists” or announcements of art-related events (i.e. conferences, workshops, classes) with us, please send us an email.

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