Clearstory Gallery

Clearstory Gallery logo1202 South Government Way
Spokane, WA 99224

Susan Cowger (Artistic Director)
Scott Nicks (Director)

Clearstone GalleryOur mission is to connect people to God, whether that is through the influence of image, color, and form, or as pure adoration as one encounters God in the beauty, reality, and power of art.

The two most important criteria for work shown at Clearstory Gallery are: 1) that the work must be crafted in excellence, both in concept and creation; 2) that there is a spiritual nature to the work — either in form, image, and color or through the artist’s life — that connects the art to the Christian experience.

Obviously a gallery in a church has considerations other galleries do not. Face it, what goes on the walls will be seen as being endorsed by Life Center. Clearstory Gallery accepts this not so much as a limitation, but as an opportunity for communication between the artists, the church, and God.

Clearstone GalleryThis does not mean that every image we feature will be a feel-good image. We find the Christian experience to be neither one of infinite bliss nor one that is unbearable in its suffering — though the consequences of life, at times, have both of those characteristics. Art shown in Clearstory will at times reflect the incongruities; it will also mend them and, indeed, show the infinite greatness of our God.

Clearstory Gallery has three shows a year with openings in February, June, and October. Please see our website for more details.

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