The Grove Center for the Arts & Media

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media1201 Puerta del Sol #228
San Clemente, CA 92673


The Grove Center for the Arts & Media



The Grove Center for the Arts & Media cultivates the spiritual life and creative work of artists. We prefer authentic relationships and keeping things simple. Cultivating hearts, minds, lives and craft. Simple is beautiful. Our passion is producing good fruit.

Christ in culture through the arts & media.

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media

Grove Gatherings are our way of encouraging artists to be generous with one another by sowing into each others lives. We bring incredible artists together for an evening of storytelling, great food and wine, coffee, desserts, prayer, worship, talking about God, creativity and the arts.

Our Grove Getaways are small, intimate gatherings of great food, conversation, time alone with God, prayer and time with other artists. Using vacation homes through Southern California, we take you to the mountains, lakes, deserts, and ocean. Grove Getaways are your chance to take a “deep soak.”

We also offer Creative Funding for Artists to fund their next art project, event, and career. With Grove civa_getawayCreative Funding, you can approach friends, family, and even other foundations to raise tax-deductible donations for your individual art projects, events and career without going through the difficult process of starting your own 501c3 non-profit organization. The Grove handles the donations, accounting, and paperwork while you get to create!

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