2013 Biennial Conference

CIVA JUSTart Conference 2013JUSTart: A conversation about making things and making things right.

We would love to see you at our next conference. Save the Date:
June 11-14, 2015, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The JUSTart Conference (June, 2013) may be over, but it was a meeting of the minds and the spirit: seeds were planted, conversations and friendships began, and shared insights and inspirations live on. Videos from the conference are coming soon, as well as other highlights and photos. Read the new blog posts:

Why Not Be Totally Changed Into Fire?, by Lara Scott
Reflections on JUSTart, by Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu
My Experience at JUSTart, by Wayne Adams

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Is it just art?

CIVA 2013 Biennial Conference - JUSTart - Wheaton, IL

Much art that concerns itself with justice exists in propositions. Such work proposes and enacts new ways of living in relation to one another – sometimes through familiar means and media, and other times in ways that are utterly disorienting. Experiencing such propositions can often create a place of discord among members of both art and justice-oriented communities.

However, as people of faith, members of diverse confessing bodies within Christ’s church, we share a uniquely common vision where other groups of artists often find only strife and division. Through work in old and new forms of art, across a bountifully diverse collection of institutional settings, we all share a desire to see Christ’s Kingdom of peace and justice fully realized. Come and explore this common hope with us as we seek to create a place of hospitality above discord, and Kingdom vision above disorientation.








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