SEEN Journal (XII.2) – Like a Child

SEEN Journal (XII.2) - Like a ChildThis issue of SEEN Journal, Like a Child, explores childlike perspectives on art and faith; openness to see with innocent vision; wonder and nostalgia; work and play; trust and creativity; humility and success. (SEEN Journal is sent free of charge to all current CIVA Members and is available for purchase in the CIVA Store.)

SEEN Journal (XII.1) – Like a Child
Table of Contents

Like a Child
By Bobby Gross

Quest for Wonder
By Kathrine Page

An Elusive Paradise
By Lyrica Taylor

Look Into the Mirror
By William Catling

Spring Azures
By Mary Oliver

Play, Work, Love
By Shannon Sigler

Looking up Billy Roper
By Bobby Gross

Music for the Imponderable
By Jim Zingarelli

Making Meaning
By Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk

A Curse Reversed
Matthew Milliner

Longing for Eden
By Cameron Anderson

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