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Artistic Alchemy: Transmuting Cinnabar into Gold

Ken Bazyn
Resource Publications – Wipft & Stock (2017)
Available at Wipf & Stock

Bazyn’s poems seek to encourage Christians of all stripes to present a new song unto the Lord – by actual examples and useful advice. Themes relating to creativity are addressed: theological, psychological, sociological, philosophical, linguistic, and autobiographical. Black-and-white photos by the author illumine the themes.

Seven Whole Days

Malcolm Guite
Illustrated by Faye Hall
Castle Quay Books (2017)
Available at Faye

In this lovely publication, artist Faye Hall has taken UK poet Malcolm Guite’s poetic sequence “Seven Whole Days” and turned it into a sumptuous visual celebration of God’s good Creation. With its 63 lines of poetry and 63 paintings inspired by the Genesis account of creation, each line is re-imagined in beautiful meditations of God’s glory.

Spirit of the Arts: Towards a Pneumatological Aesthetics of Renewal

Steven Félix-Jäger
Pallgrave Macmillan (2017)
Available at Pallgrave Macmillan

Among the first full-fledge engagements of the arts and the renewal movements. Offers interdisciplinary appeal, dealing with theology, art criticism, and phenomenology. Represents a unique contribution to both Pentecostal studies and the field of theological aesthetics.

51IYYFZ9qUL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Intruding Upon the Timeless: Meditations on Art, Faith, and Mystery, 2nd ed. 

Greg Wolfe
Square Halo Books (2017)
Available at Square Halo Books

“Gregory Wolfe’s reflections from his editor’s chair are much more: they are spiritual essays. For, with a prose as fine and sharp as a surgeon’s knife, Wolfe manages, over and over, to cut very close to the soul.” —Richard Rodriguez


entry-18-theadventstorybook_cover_smallThe Advent Storybook

Laura Richie, Illustrated by Ian Dale
Chasing Hope Press (2018)
Available for pre-order here

A beautifully illustrated children’s book with 25 Bible stories showing why we celebrate Christmas. The book can be read as a family each day in December, painting a sweeping picture of God’s plan to rescue broken humanity through Christ.

codex cover


Micah Bloom
The Digital Press at The University of North Dakota (2017)
Available through The Digital Press

In response to a disastrous flood in Minot, North Dakota, Micah Bloom created a film and a multi-media artwork focusing on books that drifted during the deluge. Offered a publishing opportunity through The Digital Press, Bloom’s work takes on new life in book form. Along with contributing essayists, including CIVA friends and members Ryan Stander and Justin Sorensen, Bloom delivers a comprehensive volume on the Codex project.

Filling Blank Spaces

Michael Winters
Sojourn Network (2017)
Available at Sojourn Network

Filling Blank Spaces addresses a topic that usually gets blank stares in the church world. But Winters is a seasoned veteran of arts ministry and has developed a premier arts and culture movement in the United States, without elaborate budgets or celebrity cameos. Instead, this guide gives a “How-To” approach to understanding visual art as for and from the local church, steering clear of both low brow kitsch and obscure couture. If you are ready to start engaging a wider and often under-reached swath of your city while awakening a creative force within your local church then this book is for you.

organizations-edge_of_faith-magazine-cover-2-2017Edge of Faith Magazine

Michael Porter (2017)
Edge of Faith Magazine

EOF magazine is a bimonthly publication that gives artists of all types a venue in which to share their voice with others, sharing their creativity and lives with fellow Christians through interviews and presentations of their work.


entry-16-1594715394Christian Labyrinths

Daniel Mitsui
Ave Maria Press (2017)
Available at Ave Maria Press

Color your way through intricately detailed labyrinths to discover the spiritual richness within. You will reveal prayers and verses hidden in the Celtic patterns. Daniel Mitsui draws on such medieval manuscripts as the Book of Kells to create 30 original coloring pages that will help you grow closer to Christ.


Ken Bazyn
St. Augustine Press (2016)
Available at St. Augustine Press

Here you’ll find a weekly devotional for Christian disciples of all stripes – a series of brief spiritual ruminations accompanied by black-and-white photographs, so you can meditate on the verbal and the visual at the same time.


Visions of Mary book coverVisions of Mary: Art, Devotion, and Beauty at Chartres Cathedral

Jill Geoffrion
Paraclete Press (2017)
Available at Paraclete Press

The story of Mary at Chartres unfolds on these pages. Jill Geoffrion offers a unique visual and meditative journey through Chartres Cathedral. Discover an architectural marvel, a showcase for the most complete 12th-13th century collection of stained glass in the world, including over seventy-five images of the Virgin of Chartres.

entry-13-deboer_coverThe Visual Arts in the Worshiping Church

Lisa DeBoer
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co, (2016)
Available at Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Although numerous studies have examined biblical and theological rationales for using the visual arts in worship, this book by Lisa J. DeBoer fills in a piece of the picture missing so far — the sociological dimensions of both our churches and the various art worlds represented in our congregations.

CContemporary Art and the Churchontemporary Art and the Church: A Conversation Between Two Worlds

W. David O. Taylor and Taylor Worley, eds.
IVP Academic (2017)
Available in the CIVA Store

A compendium of essays and reflections presented by artists, theologians, and church leaders at the 2015 CIVA Biennial Conference, this volume seeks to explore misperceptions, create hospitable space to learn from each other, and imagine the possibility of a renewed and mutually fruitful relationship for the common good of both the Church and the contemporary world. This is the third in IVP’s Studies in Theology and the Arts series.

Beautiul Light

Beautiful Light: Religious Meaning in Film

Roy M. Anker
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (2017)
Available at Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Closely examining nine critically acclaimed films, Anker seeks out the often unnoticed connections between film and religion and shows how even films that aren’t overtly religious or Christian in their content can be filled with deep religious insights and spiritual meaning. Addressing questions of doubt and belief, depair and elation, hatred and love, Anker’s work sheds “beautiful light”on some of Hollywood’s most profound and memorable films.

Art, Education, and Cultural RenewalArt, Education, and Cultural Renewal: Essays in Reformational Philosophy

Lambert Zuidervaart
McGill-Queen’s University Press (2017)
Available at McGill-Queen’s University Press

In this companion volume to Religion, Truth, and Social Transformation, Lambert Zuidervaart presents a socially engaged philosophy of the arts and higher education. Interacting with the ideas of leading Kuyperian thinkers such as Calvin Seerveld and Nicholas Wolterstorff, Zuidervaart shows why renewal in the arts needs to coincide with political and economic transformation. He also calls for education and research that serve the common good.

entry-11-reformation_abcs_coverReformation ABCs: The People, Places, and Things of the Reformation—from A to Z

Written by Stephen J. Nichols
Illustrated and Designed by Ned Bustard
Crossway (2017)
Available at Crossway

Through whimsical illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book teaches kids that even though the Reformation occurred five hundred years ago, it isn’t just about people and places in the past. The Reformers’ fight to reclaim the gospel is still relevant today.

entry-6-trbook_coverTurning Radius
Douglas Campbell
Oblique Voices Press (2017)
Available at

The poetry in this book was written throughout the years before the author’s stroke in 2012, which subsequently left him with a language disorder called aphasia. This book reflects the process of reengaging with his former poetry and encouraging him to share his work with the world.


entry-3-1_malc_coverModern Art and the Life of a Culture: The Religious Impulses of Modernism
Jonathan Anderson and William Dyrness
IVP Academic (2016)A
Available in the CIVA Store

Anderson (an art critic) and Dyrness (a theologian) offer a rereading of the history of modern art by paying closer attention to the religious contexts and the theological concerns that shaped its development, producing revised accounts of van Gogh, Gauguin, Kandinsky, Malevich, Hugo Ball, John Cage, Warhol, and many others. This is the first volume in IVP’s Studies in Theology and the Arts series.

519H9U9dM8L._SX353_BO1,204,203,200_The Garden Way of the Cross
Father Thomas A. Stanley, S.M.; Illustrated by Louise Tessier
Novalis Publishing, Toronto, ON Canada (2013)
Available at Novalis Publishing

This 48-page colorful, hardcover prayer book based on the Stations of the Cross contains scriptural passages, meditations by Fr. Thomas Stanley, and relief prints by artist Louise Tessier. The Garden Way of the Cross takes the reader on a botanical Lenten journey with Jesus to the cross.

The Soul’s Journey: An Artist’s Approach to the Stations of the Crossentry-8-2206_soulsjourneycover_1
Kathrin Burleson
Forward Movement (2014)
Available at

This beautiful coffee table book features the paintings of artist Kathrin Burleson as well as soul-searching reflections on her creative process and spiritual journey. Each station also offers devotions from leaders in The Episcopal Church, including former Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and the Rev. Alberto R. Cutié.

scratchings-250x500Scratchings of a Madwoman
Rhonda Nass
Ampersand (2015)
Available at

Scratchings of a Madwoman includes two parts. The book’s first half recounts Nass’ faith stories, each accompanied by a colored pencil drawing. The second half guides readers step by step through the drawing process, encouraging and equipping readers to communicate authentically and creatively to others in their spheres their own experiences with God.



A_Book_of_Days_for_Lent_FRONT_CVR_sm_1024x1024 redoA Book of Days for Lent
Steven Moore, PhD and Richard Ganz, SJ, eds.
Seedbed Publishing (2016)
Available at Seedbed Publishing

In this collection of daily essays written by non-profit leaders, each writer composes his or her day so that the reader is helped to observe Lent—“I will honor Lent in my heart and try to keep it all the year. . . . I will not shut out the lessons it teaches.” By observing this season more faithfully, and with more understanding, it is hoped that each reader will experience a deeper reception of the great gift of God in Jesus, who gave himself that we might live.

Lenten Meditationsmember-publication-janknegt-lent-cover
James B. Janknegt
James B. Janknegt (2017)
Available at

Lenten Meditations: Forty paintings based on the parables of Jesus, one for each day of Lent: artwork, meditations, and prayers by James B. Janknegt. Book design by Danny Schweers. Foreword by W. David O. Taylor. The book is 92 pages, 8-1/2″x11″, full color, soft cover.

member-publications-Kilby-coverThe Arts and the Christian Imagination: Essays on Literature, Arts and Aesthetics by Clyde S. Kilby
William Dyrness and Keith Call, eds.
Paraclete Press (2017)
Available at

With a unique voice and timeless wisdom, Dr. Clyde Kilby writes from a specific literary and philosophical context that relates art and aesthetics with beauty, poetry, literature and the imagination. For readers who want to look more closely at these themes—this book provides a deeply engaging and profound touchstone.


Mark This!
Anita Breitenberg
Breitenberg Publications (2017)
Available at

Mark This! provides an illustrated version of the Gospel of Mark as seen through an artist eyes, and gives a thumbnail guide through these passages. The book contains eighty-three works contemporize Mark’s Gospel through symbolic storytelling, bringing a fresh interpretation to scriptures with this series of images.

Book Cover - The Faithful ArtistThe Faithful Artist: A Vision for Evangelicalism and the Arts
Cameron J. Anderson
IVP Academic (2016)
Available in the CIVA Store

Tracing the relationship between evangelicalism and modern art in postwar America–two entities that often found themselves at odds with each other–Anderson raises several issues that confront artists and casts a vision for how Christian artists can faithfully pursue their vocational calling. This is the second in IVP’s Studies in Theology and the Arts series.


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