Imperishable Seed
Imperishable Seed

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Website: juncruzart.com
Featured Work: Imperishable Seed 

Describe your featured work:
Subsequent to my first one-man show, Tanatanaman – an homage to the act of planting, correlating with the physiology of life – twenty years ago, I began planting seeds in search of meaning and purpose. The shooting, spiky structures that characterize my current work represent germinating seeds. I label this genre as biomorphic – which literally means “life transformation” but also represents how the physical world often depicts components of a person’s spirituality.

Artist Statement: 
Born in Angeles City, Philippines, Jun Gueco Cruz, also known as Junbap, is a visual artist who seeks to deliver his lessons on the science of life and human anatomy by creating massive representations of life processes on a cellular level. Cruz never forgets his strong indigenous Kapampangan identity in his creations. The Kapampangan people are an agricultural people rooted in their earth mother, Indung Tibuan. As a Kapampangan artist Junbap feels compelled to tanam (plant seeds) and patubu (bring life out of the soil). His 2017 Imperishable Seed series clearly reflect this.

All Things New, 2018, Mixed media, 48x48 inches.
All Things New, 2018, Mixed media, 48×48 inches.
Pretribulation, 2016, Mixed media, 24×24 inches.
Caught Up
Caught Up, 2018, Mixed media, 36×36 inches.









Imperishable Seed, 2017, Mixed media, 72 x 48 inches
Imperishable Seed, 2017, Mixed media, 72 x 48 inches

What are you making now?
I’m in the process of making Elioenai, meaning “my eyes look towards God.” As a practicing health care provider, I am inspired by the EKG tracing or electrical activity of the human heart. To me this represents the ups and downs of life and man’s endurance and ability to overcome through God’s power and strength. The piece, part of a series titled Personal Structures, is intended for the 2019 Venice Biennale.

Why do you belong to CIVA? 
I’ve been longing to find a Christian art group since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It is very inspiring and encouraging knowing artists who continue to cultivate their purpose through different visual languages for God’s glory.


JunbapBorn in Angeles City, Philippines, and now a Philadelphia-based artist, Jun Gueco Cruz (Junbap) is a Kapampangan visual artist. Junbap’s art training stems mostly from experiments, workshops, and mentoring from other veteran Kapampangan artists. He has received prestigious national and international awards and recognition in painting, sculpture, and mixed media, and recently exhibited his works at the Florence Biennale 2017, Italy; Artbox project New York, 2018; and has been invited to show his works at the Venice Biennale in 2019.