Title – Gravity (shelves), Date – 2016, Medium – Hardboard, pine, tin cans, Size – 48″ x 66″ x 5″

Location: Minot, North Dakota
Website: micahbloom.com
Featured Work: Gravity (shelves)
Source: 2017-2018 CIVA Sourcebook

From curator Michelle Westmark Wingard.
Micah Bloom’s work is visually clean and conceptually rich.

Describe your featured work.
Seven tin cans sit on seven shelves.

Each can rests alone on the center of each shelf.

Each shelf flexes under its own weight and the weight of its identical burden.

A gap between supports grows successively as the seven shelves descend from the top.

Gravity (shelves) can be seen in a formal way, an investigation on the nature of gravity, and it can be viewed as shelves simply reacting to a similar weight . . . with increasingly distant supports. It may be about physics, surfaces, rhythms, and balance. For me, all that doesn’t add up to much, so I believe it is about something else.

“When you’re privileged you don’t know you’re privileged; when you’re not, you know.” – lyrics from High Low Middle, by My Brightest Diamond.

Bloom-Painted Blocks







Artist Statement.
To be an artist is to be impressionable. For me, that means moving through the world with empathy—which can be rewarding and exhausting. In response to situations and observations, I create artwork that addresses my anxieties and helps me exist more gracefully, with hopes that it may call others into the same.

Influences run the gamut: children, art, my children’s art, Bible stories, (Hello, Wayne Adams), daily news, a certain slant of light, colors, science, memories, conversations, anagrams, friends, love, miracles, war, blank surfaces, shadows, God, rhythms, yesterday, human form, embarrassment, etymology, nature . . .

What are you making now?
I am finishing up a publishing project with The Digital Press. The photo book includes nine essays on my multi-media project Codex and features a fine, poetic essay by CIVA member Justin Sorensen titled “Four Parts Water.” This volume will be released next month, and will exist in three formats: a large, limited-edition photo book, a trade book, and an e-book.

Why do you belong to CIVA?
CIVA opened my imagination to Christians making work that doesn’t have to be didactic or hackneyed. It has been a joy to see others trying to follow their convictions and also make exciting, new work. I have been blessed by friendship and the support of other members, and this community, particularly at the biennial conferences, has been encouraging and inspirational.


Micah Bloom is an artist and educator, and he lives in Minot, North Dakota, where he teaches at Minot State University. He earned an MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Iowa and has been selected for numerous artist–in–residence fellowships. His works have been published in literary and art journals, and he has shown work nationally and internationally, including private galleries in China and the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. Married for 16 years, Micah and his wife Sara, share four daughters and one son, and they all love to make things.