Lawan Glasscock
Executive Director

Lawan is a Texas native who has called Tuscany her adopted home for over 30 years. With an undergraduate degree in Political Science and an M.A. in Anthropology, she was honored to be the Graduate Teaching Assistant to Dr. Mary Louise Hart, Associate Curator of Antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Lawan received her Certificate of Museum Studies before taking her postgraduate fieldwork overseas in Classical Archaeology, focusing on Art and Architecture History. During these academic years, the vast divide between the institutional bubble and the business ecosystem became vividly clear. The world needed “bridge builders” between scholars, artists, and donors. Leaving academia with hesitation but clear vision, she began Medici Way—a consulting and access service for philanthropists, eccentrics, and non-profits. Recognizing that she makes a better cheerleader than artist, Lawan brings awareness that today’s art will be tomorrow’s artifacts. Lawan splits her time between Italy and Texas with her golf pro husband. When traveling, he patiently hits the links while she visits galleries. Their romantic fate was sealed when he asked her to accompany him to a Caravaggio exhibit for their first date. She still hasn’t learned to golf.

Kate Austin
Director of Member Operations

Kate studied Art Education at Wheaton College, (where Art profs first introduced her to CIVA!). During undergrad she participated in the Gordon in Orvieto semester abroad program of Renaissance Art in Italy. She then taught elementary and middle school art in the Chicago suburbs, the Mississippi Delta, and small town New Hampshire, before she and her husband, Jacob, moved to Madison, Wisconsin to establish roots in his home state. Three daughters, two dogs, and a small flock of backyard chickens fill their days. When she makes the time, Kate enjoys painting, drawing, and printmaking. 

Ned Bustard
Graphic Designer

Ned Bustard is a graphic designer, illustrator, author, and printmaker. His most recent book is History of Art: Creation to Contemporary. In his spare time, Ned is the curator of the Square Halo Gallery and the creative director for Square Halo Books, for whom he edited the book It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God. Most recently, you may find Ned’s print work illustrating Every Moment Holy on Rabbit Room Press. He grew up in the Reformed Episcopal Church and now serves as a ruling elder in a Presbyterian church. Ned is also on the board of The Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art (ASCHA). He and his wife, Leslie, have three lovely daughters, one dog, and an unreasonable number of books.

Micah Behr
CIVA Support Staff

Micah works as a musician, a worship leader, and now a part-time CIVA employee. He attended UW-Madison as a Graduate student, and now teaches and performs music in the Madison area. When not working one of his many part-time jobs, he can be found in the kitchen feeding his sourdough starter.


Catherine Bartels
Social Media Specialist

Catherine received her degree in Anthropology, Film Studies, and Theatre Arts from Minnesota State University-Mankato, and has performed as a cast and crew member in several plays and independent films. She began her career in visual media as a commercial writer and video producer for a local television station. She now practices marketing in Madison, Wisconsin. When she’s not working, Catherine enjoys many hobbies including martial arts, running, and spending time outdoors with her family. 

Asher Imtiaz
Gallery 212 Curator

Asher is a photographer and a computer scientist. Born and raised in Pakistan, he moved to the United States in 2012 for graduate studies and is now living and working in Wisconsin. He started photography by documenting religious and minority groups in Pakistan. For the last few years, his main focus has been on photographing immigrants moving to the United States. He attends Eastbrook Church where he helps lead the International student outreach ministry. He has exhibited in Pakistan and the United States, and has curated several exhibitions locally. His interests are film history and attending film festivals.

Abbey Laufenberg
Exhibitions Coordinator

Abbey is a visual designer and dancer born and raised in Wisconsin. She earned her degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Madison College. After graduation she made her way to New York City where she worked as a graphic designer for several interactive agencies. Eventually she made her way back to home to Wisconsin where she now spends her free time hiking, biking and dancing. She loves tapping into contemplative arts, music, and nature as a way to connect to the beauty and mystery of life.  

Michelle Arnold Paine
Community Ambassador

Michelle Arnold Paine is a painter whose subjects of landscape, figure, and architecture reflect a dialogue with the divine. She spent three years living and working in Italy for Gordon College’s study abroad program, where  she steeped herself in the Renaissance masters, the rhythms of the liturgy, and the intimacy and beauty of daily Italian life. 

After her return from Italy she received at Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and went on to earn an MFA degree from University of New Hampshire. She paints in her home studio in Ohio, where she lives with with her husband and two daughters. Her work can be viewed at