Art Fruition School of Ministry

11986 W La Pan Dr
Boise, ID 83709
United States



We are a training ground for art ministers around the world. We bring together Christ-filled emerging and professional artists to practice and display our art, challenge each other to grow in our craft, pray for and encourage one another in friendship, and share what we learn, creating artwork that reflects the love of God and providing healing to a hurting world.

For those called to lead and serve these communities of artists, we provide solid training that produces sustainable art ministries of mature Christian artists who champion community and diversity, and help regular folks who are “pre-artists” discover their God-given creativity and the joy of creating visual art for their own emotional healing and personal growth.


Our vision is for people who represent God to the world (the Church) to encourage the artists in their midst with the love of Christ, helping all people integrate their art and their faith, to grow spiritually and artistically together–not just in theory, not just in theology, but in real life.


Art Fruition offers a 24-lesson online course led by Jessie Nilo and seasoned faculty, teaching art ministry as ways to lead, love, listen to, and serve the artists in our midst, whether inside or outside of the local church. Lessons include artists leading in community, inclusiveness with excellence, practical art endeavors to lead our cities or congregations to explore their God-given creativity, creating spaces to host the public in community art studios inside and outside of churches, and fostering wonder, light, peace, and artistic encouragement through art workshops and Open Studio, as our cities need kindness and beauty now more than ever.