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Making as Cheap Therapy

By Dave Zentner I’ve spent my entire life making stuff when I should be doing other things. As an energetic child, I was constantly getting sent to my room . . . which was fine with me because I had markers and a ream of office paper there (my most treasured birthday present each year).… Continue Reading

Vanitas for our Age

By Lauren Tilden An unexpected melding of two worlds struck a dissonant chord which resonated across the internet recently when Kanye West revealed his video “Famous,” inspired by artist Vincent Desiderio’s “Sleep.” For those in the world of fine arts, it might have produced a disgruntled sigh to think it would take West to make Desiderio… Continue Reading

Martinez is Missing

Karen J. Sangren Upon opening my university emails, I read the chilling words, “Ben Martinez* is missing. He has not been heard from in four days. His disappearance has been reported to the San Diego Police Department.” My heart sank. I confirmed his name on my recent class rosters and then began to pray for… Continue Reading

Making a Storybook Bible

Ned Bustard talks with Tanja Butler Ned: Tanja, you and I have worked together on a couple of projects over the years and I love your work, and so it was a given for me that you would be part of Revealed: A Bible Storybook for Grown-ups. What was your favorite aspect of participating in… Continue Reading

Making Critique

By Wayne Adams on FIREWALL Internet Café NYC by Joyce Yu-Jean Lee Critical art is an art that aims to produce a new perception of the world, and therefore to create a commitment to its transformation. —Jacques Rancière Lately I’ve been considering a few questions related to the theme of CIVA’s 2017 biennial conference theme, Making,… Continue Reading

Making Portraits in Galesburg

An Interview with John Bakker CIVA: How long have you been at Trinity Christian College? JOHN: I came to Trinity on the southern edge of Chicago when there were still pterodactyls nesting in the creek that runs through campus. It made for interesting drawings, but the students kept getting carried off, and I had to… Continue Reading

Making: An Introduction

By Cameron J. Anderson In the biblical narrative the first thing that we learn about God is that he is the Creator: In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the… Continue Reading