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Artist in the Elevator: The Sacred Art of Making While Moving

By Tessa Davidson One September morning, I donned a white Tyvec hazmat suit and stepped into an elevator, carrying a portable easel, paint, palette, stool, and several wooden panels attached to a board. As the elevator began to move and strangers poured in, I could feel the tension in their bewildered stares. “Could I ask… Continue Reading

Pressing Pause

Editor’s Note: In the press to get there, Lynda Rush Myers reminds us through her art and poetry to take time for Sabbath rest. By Lynda Rush Myers    Sabbath dissolves the artificial urgency of our days because it liberates us from the need to be finished. –Wayne Muller Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, & Delight in… Continue Reading

Thorns and Roses: A Meditation on Miracles + Suffering

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to introduce new CIVA member, Janelle Bighinatti, who has given us permission to re-publish this recent blog from her website. Please enjoy Janelle’s essay, poem, and photography.   By Janelle Bighinatti Daily I turn around and tragedy is before me, many far but some are near, twists and turns of events not my… Continue Reading

Placemaking and the Arts

Editor’s Note: We’re excited to have Jennifer Allen Craft, Associate Professor of Theology and Humanities at Point University in West Point, Georgia, as one of our break-out session leaders for ARE WE THERE YET at Bethel University in June. In anticipation of her session, please enjoy this interview on the topic of Jennifer’s new book, conducted by… Continue Reading

A Papal Address to Artists

By Marc Laudonio In a wonderful stroke of providence, 2019 marks both the 40th anniversary of CIVA and the 20th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s Letter to Artists. As the universal pastor of the Catholic Church, John Paul sensed a responsibility and desire to care for all the people of the world, and sought… Continue Reading

A Quiet Orbit

By Justin Sorensen Growing up, it was not uncommon to hear stories of  mountain lion sightings in Pennsylvania. For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard about them moving throughout the Allegheny. Yet for all the time I spent in Pennsylvania, I had never seen one. On occasion, I would hear of people who… Continue Reading


Sojourner By Christiana Renner sojourner (noun)—a  person who resides temporarily in a place I find Mark Renner’s work, which I enjoy the privilege of viewing daily, provocative. It is a seductive invitation to thought and reflection, two disciplines often eschewed in our modern Twitter and social media world. His work portraying humans who are variants… Continue Reading

On Installing The Last Supper

By Catherine Kapikian My half-century of dedicated engagement with the creative process has allowed me the privilege of installing numerous site-specific works within many sacred contexts. My current installation, The Last Supper, will enjoy its permanent home in a uniquely sacred space: Wesley Theological Seminary’s stunning Refectory—the seminary’s dining hall which boasts three 30-foot-high windows,… Continue Reading

Where do We Go from Here?

Editor’s Note: In honor of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 90th birthday, we revisit excerpts from his famous “Where Do We Go From Here?” speech, delivered at the 11th Annual Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 16, 1967. Though his words were delivered at, and specific to, a… Continue Reading