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Sojourner By Christiana Renner sojourner (noun)—a  person who resides temporarily in a place I find Mark Renner’s work, which I enjoy the privilege of viewing daily, provocative. It is a seductive invitation to thought and reflection, two disciplines often eschewed in our modern Twitter and social media world. His work portraying humans who are variants… Continue Reading

On Installing The Last Supper

By Catherine Kapikian My half-century of dedicated engagement with the creative process has allowed me the privilege of installing numerous site-specific works within many sacred contexts. My current installation, The Last Supper, will enjoy its permanent home in a uniquely sacred space: Wesley Theological Seminary’s stunning Refectory—the seminary’s dining hall which boasts three 30-foot-high windows,… Continue Reading

Where do We Go from Here?

Editor’s Note: In honor of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 90th birthday, we revisit excerpts from his famous “Where Do We Go From Here?” speech, delivered at the 11th Annual Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 16, 1967. Though his words were delivered at, and specific to, a… Continue Reading

The Saint John’s Bible and Its Tradition

By Jonathan Homrighausen Book Review: The Saint John’s Bible and Its Tradition: Illuminating Beauty in the Twenty-First Century Edited by Jack R. Baker, Jeffrey Bilbro, and Daniel Train 198 pp. | Published 10/8/2018 | Wipf & Stock Publishers On May 9, 2011, calligrapher Donald Jackson scribed the final “AMEN” in The Saint John’s Bible—the first… Continue Reading

Our Embodied Psalm

Editor’s Note: Few things say Advent and anticipate the significance and joy of Christmas like the many choral and instrumental presentations available during these few weeks in December. This past weekend, CIVA member and multi-faceted artist, Steven Homestead premiered an original poem set to music (choral/instrumental also written by Steven) during the Festival of Carols… Continue Reading

Advent Reflections – Now and Not Yet

By Dawn Waters Baker Three weeks into a month-long residency at Gettysburg National Military Park, I received the news that my dad had suffered a stroke. I flew out of Baltimore that evening and arrived at my parents’ house in Dallas around midnight. Not able to fly home with me, my husband and daughters had to… Continue Reading

Are We There Yet…

By Mary E. Morgan What an interesting and thought-provoking question. My initial response is a mixed bag of emotionally charged answers—especially as I watch the daily news—convinced the answer is a hard “NO,” in view of the steady stream of chaos and mayhem. Then, as the newscast winds to its conclusion, with the good-news human… Continue Reading

The Faithful Artist

By Victoria Emily Jones Book Review: The Faithful Artist: A Vision for Evangelicalism and the Arts by Cameron J. Anderson 296 pp. | 5 color plates, 38 halftones | Trim: 6 × 9 | Published 11/10/2016 | InterVaristy Press “I write fully persuaded that art, in its most exalted form, can be used by God… Continue Reading

On Nature

By David Blow My vision since childhood has been of being one with God and nature. As a young boy on a dairy farm in Michigan—when I wasn’t helping with the farm chores, feeding and caring for the dairy animals, working the land, planting and harvesting—my interests were split between hunting with my father and… Continue Reading

The Present Journey

Editor’s Note: In anticipation of the recently announced CIVA Biennial Conference 2019—Are We There Yet, we are pleased to announce the re-launch of our regular (biweekly) blog which will engage the same theme from the varied perspectives of our member artists and friends. Please enjoy this first installment by artist and pastor Greg Holmes. I… Continue Reading