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The Faithful Artist

By Victoria Emily Jones Book Review: The Faithful Artist: A Vision for Evangelicalism and the Arts by Cameron J. Anderson 296 pp. | 5 color plates, 38 halftones | Trim: 6 × 9 | Published 11/10/2016 | InterVaristy Press “I write fully persuaded that art, in its most exalted form, can be used by God… Continue Reading

On Nature

By David Blow My vision since childhood has been of being one with God and nature. As a young boy on a dairy farm in Michigan—when I wasn’t helping with the farm chores, feeding and caring for the dairy animals, working the land, planting and harvesting—my interests were split between hunting with my father and… Continue Reading

The Present Journey

Editor’s Note: In anticipation of the recently announced CIVA Biennial Conference 2019—Are We There Yet, we are pleased to announce the re-launch of our regular (biweekly) blog which will engage the same theme from the varied perspectives of our member artists and friends. Please enjoy this first installment by artist and pastor Greg Holmes. I… Continue Reading

Beholding Christ and Christianity in African American Art: A Review

By Linda Stratford Beholding Christ and Christianity in African American Art (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2017; James Romaine and Phoebe Wofskill, eds.) is a collection of 14 short, readable chapters, each accompanied by high-impact color reproductions, focusing on notable African American artists taking on Christian subjects and themes in their art and practicing across a… Continue Reading

Creatives Around a Table

By Tim Timmerman Little John Nee had set up the music room for a performance we were to enjoy after dinner. Our dinners were rich with conversation around the 16-foot table where we faithfully gathered every evening at 7:00 pm. That was one of the only “rules” of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, the residency I was… Continue Reading

Figurative Speech

Editor’s note: When we received this newsletter note from long-time CIVA friend Sergio Gomez, we requested permission to reprint it for our blog. As he says, this invitation to show Figurative Speech at the Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from May 16 – June 10, represents the culmination of “thirteen years of patiently building” a… Continue Reading

Understanding the Difference between Work, Purpose, and Calling

Editor’s Note: When we came across this EntreWorship blog post by CIVA member Brian Sooy a few weeks ago, we wondered if Brian’s paradigm for viewing the differences among work, purpose, and calling might not be an especially helpful one for artists to consider. We thank Brian for graciously agreeing to allow us to reprint… Continue Reading

Woven Icons

Woven Icons

By Molly Elkind Over the last five years I’ve been weaving tapestry under the spell of three obsessions. The first is with the process itself. In theory, it couldn’t be simpler: each weft (horizontal) thread goes over or under each warp (vertical) thread. Over one under one, over one under one. Weavers call it plain… Continue Reading

Easter Wings

Easter Wings

By George Herbert Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store,       Though foolishly he lost the same,             Decaying more and more,                   Till he became                         Most poore:                         With thee                   O let me rise             As larks, harmoniously,       And sing this day thy victories: Then shall the fall further the flight in me. My tender age in sorrow… Continue Reading



By Wayne Pratt Gethsemene There is a garden, Lord, that speaks of your unswerving devotion to God’ will— a garden in Gethsemane; a garden where you arrived grieved and agitated in the springtime of the year a garden where you found sanctuary and retreat before that awful day we call “Good” Here you sought solace… Continue Reading