2021 Biennial Conference

November 4-6, 2021
Austin, TX

Register and find more details at the conference website.

CIVA Gathers

CIVA Gathers is a Christ-centered virtual gathering in which CIVA Members have the opportunity to connect and pray together. The doors are open to all traditions and backgrounds. Each month we will spend time with scripture and an artwork from CIVA’s newest traveling exhibition. The photography exhibition Again + Again is centered around the church calendar. CIVA Gathers is led by CIVA Staff and rotating featured CIVA artists, theologians, and cultural leaders.
Multiple Sessions

Heart to Heart

“Heart-to-Heart” is a new virtual program for CIVA members. It brings together an intimate group of creative thinkers who feel called to pray for and encourage others as they serve God through the visual arts. 
Multiple Sessions

Maker to Maker

Intimate groups of CIVA members virtually gathering to share their work, receive constructive feedback and discuss their discipline.
Multiple Sessions


Saturday April 4, 2-4 pm
Washington D.C.

JUST | art Indigenous

April 17 – 18, 2020
Toronto, ON, Canada