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Bobby Martin is an Artist / Educator / Facilitator who works out of 7 Springs Studio in Oklahoma. Martin’s artwork is exhibited and collected internationally in group and solo exhibitions, the most recent being a one-person exhibition entitled But You Don’t Look Indian… . His current project, Altars of Reconciliation, is a three-person show featuring Martin, Erin Shaw (Chickasaw-Choctaw) and Tony Tiger (Sac & Fox-Muscogee-Seminole) that focuses on the experiences of the artists as Native Americans and as Christians. An enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) tribe in Oklahoma, Martin holds a Professor of Visual Arts position at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Erin Shaw is a painter of borderlands, the spaces between worlds. As a visual storyteller, the child of an Oklahoma farm, Shaw tills the rich soil of dichotomy through her masterful use of color, iconography, and story. A Chickasaw-Choctaw artist, she creates in a state of tension, where both solemnity and humor pervade and truths are revealed in unanticipated ways. The artist earned a BFA in studio art from Baylor University and MFA from the University of Oklahoma. She is Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at John Brown University, an international speaker, and a featured artist in Visual Voices: Contemporary Chickasaw Art, among other exhibits.

Benjamin Lujan is a Peruvian-Canadian philosophical theologian completing a Ph.D. in Theological Studies at the University of Toronto. He holds an M.A. in Theology from the University of St. Michael’s College, a B.A. and a B.Ed. from University of Toronto. His doctoral project investigates the relationship between Indigenous spirituality, Indigenous self-determination, and reconciliation in the current Canadian context. His research includes notions of Indigeneity and Indigenous spirituality, theory and practice of interfaith engagements, practice of the “preferential option for the poor” across religions, and the phenomenology of spiritual living. He is active in ecumenical and interfaith engagements, with a special focus on Indigenous justice in Canada. He teaches at Seneca College.

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