CIVA Gathers is a Christ-centered virtual gathering in which CIVA Members have the opportunity to connect and pray together. The doors are open to all traditions and backgrounds. We spend time with scripture and artwork from CIVA’s traveling exhibitions. CIVA Gathers is led by CIVA Staff and rotating featured CIVA artists, theologians, and cultural leaders.

We recognize our members come from a variety of prayer traditions and practices. As Christians, we believe Christ unites us, and this is an opportunity to embrace the diversity within these different traditions and learn from each other. Therefore, we are committed to creating an environment where all participants are comfortable regardless of their background or prayer practices.

Event Information

All events take place virtually via Zoom at 8:30 pm ET | 7:30 pm CT | 5:30 pm PT. CIVA Gatherings are free to attend for CIVA members.

Upcoming Gatherings

DateGuest Artist(s) Guest Moderator Guest Pastoral VoiceScripture Reading
April 7, 2022Catherine Prescott
Donald Forsythe
Bruce Herman
Katherine Brimberry
Sandra Bowden
Edward KnippersSherrie LowlyTBD

By registering you are welcome to attend one gathering or as many gatherings that fit in your schedule.

Past Gatherings

Again + Again ArtworkGuest Pastoral Voice Scripture Reading Poetry

Sista Pray, Ralph Basui Watkins
Steven Homestead Psalm 138
Matthew 7:7-12
Lost Inside Henry VIII’s Chapel, Richard Olser

Fellowship, Sarah Bernhardt
Fr. Andrew ShowersJohn 1:1-18
Reflecting on “Lumen Fidei” (Light of Faith)
To Make Visible, Leslie Bustard

Stone of Help, Keith Barker
Michelle WinterGenesis 28:10-18Resurrection Psalm, Kristina Erny

The Enemy Never Came, Robert Denst
Greg HolmesJohn 4:16-26The Enemy Never Came, Lynda Rush Myers

One (Pentecost), Barry Sherbeck
Seth LittleJohn 15:26-27, 16:4b-15New Earth, Hawona Sullivan Janzen
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 10.00.32 AM.png
Crown of Light, Donald Kouba
Gary Ball1 Kings 19:13-19
The Call, Judith Valente

Mt. Tabor, June 2017, Michael Winters
Fr. Gregory Jensen2 Peter 1:16-18As We See, Scott Cairns

The Last Time I was in My Father’s Shop, Ryan Stander
Barbara Sartorius Bjelland Psalm 90:17
Isaiah 64:8
Craftsman by Luci Shaw

Blind Beggar April 1965, Douglas Gilbert
Kathy T. HettingaOrdinary Time by Randall VanderMey

Communion by Robert Fuege
Ginger GeyerJohn 2: 1-3Waves of the Donau River by Marcus Goodyear