Saturday, April 4, 2-4pm
National Gallery of Art, East Wing
Washington D.C.

Abstraction (sometimes called “non-objective” art) often best captures Christian themes that defy literal depiction. Is it possible that the cry of Christ on the cross might be best represented by the omission of recognizable imagery?

Join CIVA on a guided tour of Barnett Newman‘s series Stations of the Cross, recently re-installed in a new room in the renovated tower gallery at The National Gallery of Arts East Building in Washington D.C. This special tour will be guided by Dr. Linda Stratford. In a forthcoming chapter in God in the Modern Wing (edited collection, IVP Academic, 2020), Dr. Stratford writes on the ways in which Newman, son of Jewish immigrants, worked at once inside and outside the tradition of Christian art in this radically abstract project. On this guided tour we will consider the ways in which the series’ visual questions invite spectators to essentially and irresistibly theological queries.

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Linda Stratford, long-time CIVA member and former CIVA Board President, received her Ph.D. in History with an emphasis on Art and Society from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Before her Ph.D. she completed an undergraduate studio art degree at Vanderbilt University and spent a year studying art history in France. She makes regular research trips to France and is founder and director of Asbury University’s Paris Semester program.