The CIVA Team has been diligently working on creating a new and improved online CIVA Network. All current members are eligible to participate in this network for free as part of their membership benefits.

Already a member but didn’t get an invitation email? Request to join the network. Requests are usually processed with 24 hours. Please allow extra time for requests made on weekends or holidays.

What’s going to happen with the old Network?

On April 1, 2021 the old CIVA Network will go the way of the dinosaurs. The New CIVA Network is a vastly exciting improvement. More than a website, it’s a secure social platform just for CIVA members that combines directory, Sourcebook, and CIVA programs all in one convenient real-time space.

What’s New About the New CIVA Network?

  1. New ways to search. Find other CIVA members that are geographically close to you, that share the same discipline or who are attending the same event. 
  2. Get chatty. See and chat with members currently online and keep conversations organized by sorting them by topic.
  3. We’re going mobile. You can access the CIVA Network on your computer or mobile device! Download the mobile app to connect on-the-go for both IOS and Android. 
  4. Our own space. The CIVA Network will now be its own social platform, separate from all the noise. This will be a place just for CIVA members to share, connect, and be inspired.
  5. Learn together. Participate in exclusive member programs, seminars, and courses within the network itself. Plus, you can join groups, share images, videos, events, articles and so much more! 

It is our hope that this New CIVA Network will improve the way we connect as a faith-focused, artistic community. If you have any questions regarding the transition, please contact