Alabaster-The Bible Beautiful

An interview with Brian Chung and Bryan Chung by Henry Lucy-Lee

Working on MarkWhile goodness and truth are often used to describe the character of God, Christian theologians have long assigned beauty as well. Artists Brian Chung and Bryan Chung collaborated in 2016 to bring Alabaster–the Bible Beautiful to life as they integrated visual imagery and thoughtful design into the text of the four Gospels for a beautiful reading experience.

Henry Lucy-Lee interviewed Brian and Matt, Mark, Luke, JohnBryan to find out more about their vision, intent and experiences in producing this art. It incorporates many areas of visual art into the final printed books and was successfully launched via Kickstarter. Join us in this podcast interview of Brian and Bryan by Henry Lucey-Lee.

Listen to It’s about the Art First on Pixel Digest, an outreach of InterVarsity’s Ministry in Digital Spaces.

To view Bryan and Brian’s four-minute Alabaster—The Bible Beautiful introduction and/or to pre-order a copy, please go here: Indiegogo.

Henry Lucey-Lee, visual artist, entrepreneur, and National Director of Arts Ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

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