An Eye That Sees

By Edith López

Clear eye. Acrylics and mica on paper. 25 x 20 cm. Edith Lopez Art 2020. 

Thinking about the vision for my life, my calling, and what I should be engaged in (apart from my dear husband), I started remembering some art projects and desiring more. Art brought me a generous answer. I say “brought” because art worked as the “chasqui” did in The Inca empire. It brought me a message, a Word from God.

I drew an eye, making lines and circles and putting the elements in balance. I used chalks and black ink, and I worked clean. But I didn’t like my eye. It didn’t have the shine of life. “This eye doesn’t see,” I said sadly.  In silence, my God, or maybe my heart–who knows–whispered inside me, “So, it’s an eye you’d like to see?” And I answered, “I’d love to see a very shiny eye.” I took transparent papers, white acrylic and some micas and made a new eye. “This is an eye that sees,” I said, satisfied. 

An eye that shines and is full of hope. 

An eye that sees receives and reflects light.

An eye that sees looks up.

It’s the eye of the bleeding woman looking for Jesus.

It’s the eye of the man born blind receiving light.

It’s the eye of the poor of spirit and the poor of bread.

It’s the eye that claims, “Abba, Padre.”

An eye that sees is my eye in repentance…every day.

An eye that sees is my new eye restored from being blind.

Blind eye. Chalk, ink and acrylic on paper. 18 x 20. Edith Lopez Art 2020

If the Eye is Clear 

This art made me think about how I am seeing myself today. Am I really seeing? Or is there a hindrance in my eye that is not letting me see?

“The lamp of the body is the eye. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” Matthew 6:22 (NIV).

I can’t miss this verse of the gospels. Jesus said those words to his disciples. The translation from the original Greek text uses the word clear instead of healthy.  Other versions translate this as uncorrupted and generous. All those words are meaningful. Jesus uses the “clear eye” as a symbol of purity and spiritual seeing. Neither corrupted nor earthly vision. No blurred vision. No looking in two directions. He wants us to have an eye that sees clearly and is focused in his direction. When our eyes are seeing clearly our bodies are full of light. This is possible when we focus on his radiant presence and promises. It’s a call to see beauty where there is any. It’s a call to create where there is destruction. It’s a call to share healing art where there is suffering. 

An eye that sees. Acrylics and mica on paper. 27 x 18. Edith Lopez Art 2020

A Generous Eye 

An eye that sees is brave and generous because it sees the invisible spiritual world. I remember this story from Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura. Judy bought a bouquet of flowers in a week when the money was needed to pay for rent and food.  Upset, Makoto exclaimed, “How could you think of buying flowers if we can´t even eat!” These two saw the bouquet in different ways. To one, the bouquet was a poorly acquired object. To the other, the bouquet was a living presence. I imagine Judy happily seeing the colors of the flowers in the store, walking down the street with them as a lucky queen, and arriving home expectant to share her new discovery. But Makoto didn’t receive the flowers well. Instead of sharing in her vision, he saw only his lack of funds.

Later, that moment made an impact. Makoto recognized the need to feed the soul as much as the body. He made a painting of the flowers and affirmed: “The bouquet was also an emblem of generosity.” Her generous eye shared a beauty he eventually perceived. We could be facing the same world situation, have the same talents and the same call, but one choice can make a difference. The choice of how we see.

An eye that sees or an eye that withholds its radiance.

A spiritual eye or an earthly eye.

An eye that sees beauty or an eye that sees want. 

A generous eye or a miser eye. 

An eye that sees is full of light and hope.

Let’s see instead staying in the darkness. Let’s light this world with our eye that sees. Let’s share our art that heals and allow others to find peace. 

Edith López is a Peruvian artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Mission Studies certification.  She explores a diversity of textures and materials to catch light in her art. Through her art, she communicates that there is a spiritual world we can experience through Jesus. Her abstract paintings and installations have been showed in Peru and USA. 

Instagram: @edithlopezart
Facebook: @edithlopezart

9 Responses to An Eye That Sees

  1. Your retelling of the creative process as a conversation with God (or your heart – but isn’t that where God resides?) is inspiring. Thank you for attending to that quiet voice, and making and sharing these beautiful works; paintings and poetry.

  2. Beautiful work of art with an inspiring message.
    Open the eyes of our hearts Lord, that we may see through YOU!

  3. Muy reflexivo… llegó a mi corazón,’el ojo que ve’… Dios te añada cada día más sabiduría y sensibilidad. Hermoso!!!! Gracias.

  4. Thank you for this reminder about seeing with clarity and true vision. It has been a topic I have been thinking about very much in the last several months so it was good spiritual fodder,

  5. Thank you for this highly innovative blog post. Truly we need to have clarity and we need to aim our focus in the direction towards God.