Bono and Eugene Peterson | The Psalms

Bono and Eugene Peterson | The PsalmsA wonderful new film has released today from Fuller Studio. This short film documents the friendship between Bono (lead musician of the band U2) and Eugene Peterson (author of contemporary-language Bible translation The Message) revolving around their common interest in the Psalms. Based on interviews conducted by Fuller Seminary faculty member David Taylor and produced in association with Fourth Line Films, the film highlights in particular a conversation on the Psalms that took place between Bono, Peterson, and Taylor at Peterson’s Montana home.

Congratulations and thanks to several CIVA members and friends who made this project possible, including David Taylor, Nathan Clarke, Makoto Fujimura, Fuller Theological Seminary, and many others.

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3 Responses to Bono and Eugene Peterson | The Psalms

  1. Hello –

    Where can “The Psalms” film be viewed at? Is it available for public bookings yet?

    Walter Watkins

  2. Loved the profound honesty. I can be ME before a Holy God, as was David. Bono longs for a more open and honest journey with each other and with God, and so do I…Thank you, Ragna Shollenberger

  3. Thank you. This conversation with Bono and Eugene helped me to remember when the Psalms became important to me. I was a believer and studied the Bible and had memorized Psalms, but they became more relevant during this time. I was sick with a rare disease that caused extreme weakness and double vision for a time. My sister visited me and read some of the Psalms to me. I remember identifying with the waiting and the need to rely on God in the midst of trouble and confusion.