Change Begins with ME

Change Begins with ME

Artists, art, and the Church have a long and complicated history. We are in a time where the acceptance of art in the church is growing in popularity, but I… Continue Reading

3 Responses to Change Begins with ME

  1. Thanks Ann, I’m the first to admit i’m extremely critical of my own work. I’m to much of a perfectionist. I pray about it with every piece I do and i’m getting a little better.

  2. Wonderful thought provoking comments about unity! Having, in the past, been highly motivated and involved in making room for Christian art in the church, I must admit I am becoming more and more disillusioned, and dispassionate not so much about the church but about the intense competition, pecking, and bullying I witnessed and experienced within the ‘Christian’ artist community itself. There is in my mind, a huge need to begin working together rather than trying to be the next ‘Picasso’ or whatever.

  3. Thanks for your honest comment, Linda. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling disillusioned from your experience within the Christian artist community. Have you tried engaging with others on this topic on our online CIVA Network? We created this online community as a place where Christians can share their art and also enter into dialogue about these difficult subjects.