Three Questions for Dan Siedell

Three Questions for Dan Siedell

Just a few short weeks ago, President Gregory Thornbury of The King’s College in New York City made an exciting announcement. Daniel Siedell was appointed Presidential Scholar and Distinguished Art… Continue Reading

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  1. Dan Siedell: God made me for the purpose of looking at scraps of canvas with paint smeared on them and sharing my experience of them with others. It’s a pretty silly thing to do,

    It is indeed a silly thing to do. God doesn’t make people for silly purposes.

    “teaching the next generation of Christians how to engage their culture.”

    I am searching for someone. Anyone. To make the biblical case for this. Where do we find Moses, the prophets, Jesus and or the apostles giving us a mandate or even permission, to spend God’s time, talent and treasure on becoming anything more than alien sojourners in the culture around us? Where? Can somebody answer that please?

    • Greg,
      I believe Siedell made the comment about his work being ‘silly’ out of genuine humility in the grander scheme of God’s movement throughout history.
      But consider how Jesus and the disciples did engage culture for the purpose of advancing God’s redemptive story. Jesus spoke to women, unheard of for a Jewish religious leader of his day. Jesus engaged with Gentiles too. But His purposes were first for the Jews, then the Gentiles. He made it clear though, as did the apostles, that God’s movement would be to draw in the Gentiles once God’s people, the Jews, had rejected Christ. Paul said that he would become all things to all people, to win them to Christ. That’s a pretty definitive idea that we should engage our culture for Christ. It can be confusing since prior to Christ’s crucifixion, God’s plan focused on His people the Jews, who had one culture. But engaging culture is something Christians have engaged in for two thousand years with a sound biblical basis.

      That’s my take on it though, I hope that helps in some small way.