Every Vincent needs a Theo

Every Vincent needs a Theo

“Every Vincent needs a Theo” I told the group of 15 or so that sat around me in the gallery space turned coffee shop that Sunday morning.  I admitted the… Continue Reading

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  1. I really enjoyed the article. I was one of the people when she talked about every Vincent needs a Theo. It was very inspiring. I tried to share this on my Facebook page but it would not let.
    Wonderful article
    Laura :)

  2. Thank you Ann for the heartfelt sharing. That principle of mentoring and someone seeing your gifts, before you may even realise it, is seen throughout scripture.
    God encouraging Moses, when he was clueless that there was any possibility of him having that strength and ability. Yet God saw him already there. Joshua left alone after Moses’s death with millions of people looking to him, and God giving him a great pep talk that he could do it because God would help him as he tried. Gideon being greeted by the angel as a great and mighty man. We all need someone to believe and help us along the way, because life is tough and hard. Our faith helps us to see the unlimited possibilities and as “iron sharpeneth iron” we can so the same for each other. We can support and encourage. It is a reciprocal relationship that both parties in reality can build the other one up and remind us who we really are in this world. Warmest regards, Len

  3. There is a great bit of insight in this piece of writing. I have been that middle aged person always told that art was a bit of a waste of time so became a nurse. Totally unsatisfied I started making art full time last year but have to say have still struggled with justifying it to me and the world. I am determined to break through that barrier now!