God as God or Art as God

God as God or Art as God

Lately I have been very aware the value system of our world which shifts the role of God as God to person as god or art as god. I’ve witnessed… Continue Reading

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  1. In a world where contemporary art has all but succumbed to an atheistic form of existentialism to the extreme, the encouragement to live for God and God alone in one’s art making is encouraging to say the least. I am reminded again that though in the world we are not called to be of the world.

  2. Ann, your essay is so timely for me. I was praying about this very thing this morning – that God will be in my creative process from conception to completion. I’m a great planner/brainstormer about what/how I want to create next. And I often feel God’s presence in the making of art. But I need to be more open to his inspiration/leading in those very beginning stages. My mantra for this year is “Less planning, more praying.” I really appreciate your testimonial and story of how this happened for you. Blessings.

  3. Ann you were used this morning to inspire me. Thank you for writing this beautiful reminder that “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.” This includes our talents and desires to create. You have confirmed my belief that prayer will lead me to the wonderful images he wants the world to see through my art.

  4. Thank you for your encouraging, thoughtful insights, Ann. After many years as a local musician and artist in my local church, the past six months many of my time, energy and thinking patterns have been “broken” due to my husband’s severe health issues. He is on the mend, but still has ongoing problems that have taken energy, time and mental capacity away from me that used to be used towards art and music and have had to keep going to assist him. His frustrations and angers at the ongoing disabilities have just about shut me down as far as doing art or music. The past couple weeks I was reduced back to copying photos out of magazines just to get my brain to “draw something” to stay connected to making art even though it wasn’t my own original work. Funny how it has been hard to stay connected with God during this trying past year. When you stand with someone with severe health issues, it is hard to even think about anything else, and least of all why God allows us to walk the valley of the shadow for so long. Thanks for the reminders of worshipping Him and not the process or the medium, and using art to bring Him glory.