It’s Done!

Editor’s Note: Since 2009, Tim Lowly’s piece Without Moving (after Guy Chase) has appeared 17 times at conferences and other exhibition venues. When Tim brought it with him to ARE WE THERE YET this past weekend . . .

Tim Lowly installing artChicago-based artist Tim Lowly returned to the CIVA conference with his multi-year project Without Moving (after Guy Chase). The project involves an ongoing participatory component in which the dark gray field of the painting surrounding the figure of his daughter Temma Lowly is slowly being covered by a meticulously painted field of black dots.

Micah's handThese dots are being applied by Tim Lowly and a variety of other participants/collaborators. This performance/action component of the work only takes place when the piece is being exhibited and when Tim is present. The parameters for the dot painting are quite simple: 1) do not make any symbols, letters or pictures, 2) paint dots that are achievable by a single touch of the brush (e.g., no large dots), 3) paint dots starting in conjunction with an area of dots that have been painted previously, 4) paint dots so they are close to each other but not touching, 5) count the dots (a record is kept on the sides of the panel).

Tim with TemmaParticipants at AWTY were invited to join Tim in painting dots throughout the conference, and – with the participation of dozens of conference attendees (whose names are recorded on the reverse of the piece) – by Saturday evening, he was able to exclaim, “We’re done! It’s finished – we finished painting all the dots!” After 10 years, 17 venues, and hundreds of thousands of dots, this is an impressive accomplishment. Congratulations to Tim Lowly, and many thanks for the opportunity to accompany him on this journey.

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