Life is Good – How I Noticed It!

by Antonia Ruppert

Within Nature Study

I am not a Disney person. I do not get all syked up for historical tours. Nor do I get geeky for cruises. But an art retreat? Now you’re talking my language. Last week  – I went on an art retreat – saw some new things and some familiar things – in a new way. I am grateful to CIVA – Christians in the Visual Arts who sponsored the summer retreat.

I learned how to notice again. Not to say I’d stopped noticing, but I’d become really comfortable in my routine of my art and work in the community. But this week, I noticed. 

Creation is BEAUTIFUL…

The multiplicity of green is ASTOUNDING…

Listening to the earth move beneath your feet is POWERFUL…

Like all of creation, I too am BEAUTIFUL…

While I was there, I shared some of these same images with my family by text. My husband – always willing to share a word, pointed out, “We have the same trees in Illinois you know.”  Funny, yes. True – even more so.  

I thought that was profound to me because, I went to the retreat wanting a refreshing experience and to sense a certain goodness. I found it. 

And this morning, after coming home, I found it again in my own neck of the woods.

This time, I noticed it.

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Antonia Ruppert was about 7 years old when her mother caught her on the living room floor drawing Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.  Her mother shrieked as she saw Antonia drawing the nude study in all of its glory. Who knew my art could evoke such a response? Antonia’s fascination with creating was fully hatched in that moment.

Today, she is known in her local community as an artist – building bridges with her creations. As the new Artist-in-Residence for Chicago’s Austin Community, Antonia hopes to bring art projects that connect people to their authentic selves. Follow her on Instagram at @antoniaruppertart

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