Our Embodied Psalm

Editor’s Note: Few things say Advent and anticipate the significance and joy of Christmas like the many choral and instrumental presentations available during these few weeks in December. This past weekend, CIVA member and multi-faceted artist, Steven Homestead premiered an original poem set to music (choral/instrumental also written by Steven) during the Festival of Carols at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Orange, California. About his piece, Steven says, “This quiet . . . carol invites us into the mystery and power of the incarnation. In . . . the text, I connect the incarnation with the embodiment of artistic creations. . . . Just as we create in order to bring our ideas into physical form, Jesus came in flesh – the embodiment of our God of Love.” Steven has graciously permitted us to reprint his poem here.

Our Embodied Psalm

Image by Lurm

As a thin ink line
On a field of snow,
Pulling words from pen
So that all can know,
Taking thoughts and dreams,
Touching heaven’s seams,
Making real our prayers
Through a page is shared.


Aperture Vintage
Aperture Vintage

See what depths of clay
Holds the liquid hot.
It a fragrant gift
With a price was bought.
Filling up the air
Spiced with gold and care,
Now taste winter’s balm
Our embodied psalm.


Image by Bernard Hermant
Image by Bernard Hermant

Now with voices clear
Sound the season song.
Into dark despair
Put to right what’s wrong.
Into time and space,
Now with human face
In our flesh to dwell,
Comes Emmanuel.


Image by Muilu
Image by Muilu

He the thin ink line
On our field of snow;
He the depth of clay
So the world can know.
Sing his holy song
Still when nights are long,
Making real our prayer,
He the Word we share.

© Steven Homestead 2018

Steven Homestead is a composer, visual artist, and thinker. He brings diverse genre-spanning creativity to life with empathy, synthesis, symbolism, and thought. You might find him conceptualizing and leading large-scale interactive art projects, composing new music, or writing essays on creativity, culture, and faith. He received his M.M. from CSUF and B.A. from UCLA in Music Composition, and now serves as the President of the American Composers Forum of Los Angeles. His music soars with melody, plays with repetition, and invokes nostalgia. Steven is a key leader for Saddleback Visual Arts as he develops and guides collaborative projects. His creative work reflects the incarnational and restorative nature of God and speaks the messages “you belong” and “you have value.”

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