Coming Soon!

A photography exhibition that invites recurring and fresh contemplation of the ordinary and extraordinary through the seasons of the Christian liturgical calendar.
More details to follow.

Opening Reception: October 2, 2020

Available for rental beginning Advent 2020. Contact exhibitions@civa.org for details.

Photographers include…

  • Barry Sherbeck
  • Bill Bangham
  • Donald Kouba
  • Gerik Parmele
  • Glenn Howell
  • Greg Shreck
  • Laura Clawson
  • Letitia Huckaby
  • Michael Winters
  • Randall VanderMey
  • Ryan Stander
  • Sarah Bernhardt

About the Curator

Born and raised in Pakistan, Asher Imtiaz is a portrait and documentary photographer. Asher moved to the United States in 2012 for graduate studies and now lives and works in Wisconsin. His early work focused on religious and minority groups in Pakistan. For the last few years, his main focus is on photographing immigrant refugees and asylum seekers moving to the United States.