CIVA sponsors a variety of traveling exhibitions that are available for rental to museums, galleries, colleges, churches, and other institutions. Venues are responsible for the rental fee and shipping of the show. Each show includes additional exhibition materials including labels, exhibition guides, high-resolution digital files of all works in the exhibition, and a sample press release accompany each rental.

Current Exhibitions

We invite you to bring a traveling exhibition to your community. Experience quality artwork coupled with the depth of experience that arises from broad theological perspectives. Click an image to visit that exhibition’s gallery.

Interested in hosting an exhibition?

Find out more about how to book a CIVA traveling exhibition.

Virtual Exhibitions

These exhibitions can be seen exclusively online. Click the image to visit the exhibition gallery.

What are CIVA members and friends saying about Traveling Exhibitions?

“Visual art reaches places within us where words cannot go and CIVA’s quality of exhibits is unmatched in potential depth of meaningful experiences by the viewers.”

– Barbara Glenn, Chairman of Visual Arts Team, First Baptist Church, Scottsdale, Arizona

“We have enjoyed more CIVA shows than I can count. That probably illustrates that CIVA is our go-to-source for interesting, professional, inspiring creative exhibits. Our congregation and community love these shows. I do not know of another similar resource for touring faith-based art.”

– Mark Wingfield, Associate Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church

“The thoughtful guide you offered elevated the experience from just another art show – any number of which are in Topeka on any given First Friday – to a religious experience. The guide encouraged me to view each piece as a spiritual tool. And as I walked through the exhibition with the guide in hand, I was called to consider how art can inform faith, to experience the connections between each work of art and my own religious experience, and to compare my theological perceptions with those of a diverse group of artists.”

– Anonymous viewer, Seeing the Savior, First Presbyterian Church, Topeka, Kansas

Past Exhibitions

Call with questions at 608.433.9339.