How to Book a CIVA Traveling Exhibition

CIVA sponsors a variety of traveling exhibitions available for rental to museums, galleries, colleges, churches, and other institutions. Rental prices start at $450 per month. Venues are responsible for the rental fee and shipping, usually from the previous venue, as well as an insurance rider (normally a rather nominal fee, based on the limited time the exhibition is in residence at your venue) while the art is on site. Digital files for labels, printed exhibition guides, high-resolution digital files of all works in the exhibition, and a sample press release accompany each rental.

Seeing the Unseen: Launching and Managing a Church Gallery is available for $30 in the CIVA Store to assist in hosting exhibitions. To learn more about bringing an exhibition to your gallery, please listen to our podcast: Hosting a CIVA Exhibition.

How to Book a CIVA Traveling Exhibit

  1. Refer to our Traveling Exhibitions page where you will find a complete list of CIVA-sponsored shows, travel schedules, pricing, images of works included in each show, and endorsements from gallery directors.
  2. Consult with the director of your gallery, museum, church, or university. You may wish to share this printable Traveling Exhibitions Flyer PDF, listing exhibits currently in circulation.
  3. Once you have selected a show, email with the name of the exhibition(s) in which you are interested and preferred exhibition dates.
  4. Secure adequate insurance. A rental agreement will be sent to you outlining the details: resources supplied by CIVA; the duration of the exhibition at your site; rental cost and payment arrangements. This agreement lists the value of the show and amount of insurance required for the art while it is at your site. On-site insurance riders generally costs $50-100 per month; consult with your insurance provider to arrange the specifics. Please note: CIVA supplies insurance for all the works while in transit.
  5. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, CIVA will send digital files for labels, digital images of all works in the exhibition, object handling guidelines, and a sample press release to accompany your rental.
  6. Once the reservation is made your contact information and dates of rental will be added to our Traveling Exhibitions Schedule.
  7. Each venue is responsible to arrange and pay for one-way shipping to your location from the previous host site. Shipping costs usually average between $400-700 depending on the weight of the show and the distance  between destinations.
  8. Before your rental period, you will receive a packet of print materials to accompany the show, including full color exhibition guides.
  9. When you receive the show, follow the instructions contained in the crate(s) for mounting the exhibition. If there are particular pieces that your space cannot accommodate, you may choose not to exhibit them.
  10. When the show concludes, complete the condition report and, with great care, repack it according to the instructions provided.

For further information regarding CIVA’s Traveling Exhibitions program, contact