making-goods-logoAs those who bear the image of God, we possess powerful agency in the world–the ability to invent, create, and make. It is well-known that artists routinely call on these skills and abilities, but so also do inventors, business people, and entrepreneurs. True work invites us into relationship with God, creation, and each other. This is work which dignifies humanity, is integral to our worship of God and an opportunity to employ head and hands to make good[s] that benefit creation and encourage community.

In partnership with CIVA artists, Asbury Seminary’s Office of Faith, Work, and Economics has curated an exhibit, with special attention focused on entrepreneurship. This exhibit puts forward a vision whereby work and art are understood as activities that involve the making of goods as well as contributing to the common good. It advances the conviction that business and art can reflect God’s creative character and, in doing so, invite others to be about the task of creating goods and services that are both artful and useful as a means of generating positive social change.


The following six CIVA artists, paired with six entrepreneurs from the Office of Faith, Work, and Economics, are currently working to create original pieces for the exhibition.

Kari Dunham, Painting and drawing–Young Duk Kim, Herbs
Linda Witte Henke, Fiber and mixed media–Harrison DeJarnette, Rethread Indian saris
Marianne Lettieri, Assemblage–Seth Neckers, Chickens
Richard Cummings, Assemblage–William O’Neal, The Carpenter Shop
Steve Watson, Painting and installation–Ken Dean, Lavender
Kristin Richards, Assemblage–Allison Mason, Woven compost

“The Making Good[s] exhibit is a beautiful example of the power of relationships. It was a collaborative vision amongst the Asbury Theological Seminary’s Office of Faith, Work, and Economics; CIVA | Christians in the Visual Arts; the Howard Dayton School of Business; and Asbury’s Art Department. But equally important in this exhibit is the relationship between two people sharing similar hopes and dreams to use their gifts for changing the world—the entrepreneur and artist. This relationship then opens up new dialogue as it is exhibited. The story continues to live on with new audiences.”

–Meg Swayze, Asbury University Gallery Coordinator

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