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CIVA Institutional Memberships are available to college and university undergraduate art departments, art and design institutes, graduate programs, and seminaries—connecting you with like-hearted arts professionals and institutions.

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Member Benefits

  • Create an Institutional Member page on the CIVA website for your art department or seminary using this online form. Thisweb page dedicated to your institution on the CIVA website with links to your institution’s homepage.
  • Inclusion in the CIVA Network. Join CIVA’s online community for members only. The Network is a great place to share events, opportunities, and create connections with other artists and institutions across the globe.
  • Receive five copies of each issue of SEEN Journal.
  • Discounted rental fees for CIVA-sponsored Traveling Exhibitions.
  • 15% discount on advertising in CIVA publications, on the CIVA website, and at the biennial conference.
  • Promotion (pending approval) of your institution’s arts-related exhibitions, lectures, awards, publications, calls for art, podcasts, and events on the CIVA website, CIVA Newsletters, and social media channels.
  • Consideration of your institution as a venue for CIVA events—conferences, symposia, exhibits, premieres
  • Discounts for up to two members of your institution to CIVA’s biennial conference and other symposia
  • Complimentary one-year CIVA memberships (a $60 value) for each of your graduating art students.
  • Your membership directly supports the CIVA Blog, CIVA News, and a host of other networking opportunities.

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