Asbury University

Asbury University Logo1 Macklem Drive
Wilmore, KY 40390

Undergraduate Enrollment: 1,200 +

Asbury UniversityArt & Design Program
Students Enrolled: 50 Majors and 15–20 Minors
Graduates per Year: 12–15

Asbury is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Full-time Faculty
Margaret Parks Smith, M.F.A. (Chair)
Keith A. Barker, M.F.A.
Chris Segre-Lewis, M.F.A.
Linda Stratford, Ph.D.

Part-time Faculty
Sarah Jane Gray, M.F.A.
Patrick Adams, M.F.A.
Derrick Riley, M.F.A.
Kyle Schroeder, M.F.A.
Hilary Brown, M.F.A.

Degrees Offered
B.A. in Art
B.S. in Art Education

Art, Art P–12 Education

Asbury University Art ProgramThe Asbury University Art Department emphasizes career and graduate school preparation in Art History, Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Stained Glass. P-12 teaching preparation is also provided for those who select Art Education.

Art, Art History

Art & Design Program Highlights
Our passion is for students to grow as individuals within the corporate and communal Body of Christ. Our mission is to provide a foundation for theological, theoretical and artistic practice. We strive to fold in our appreciation of art with our desire to know the Creator Himself. Not only is the process of our work important, but also how the content reflects the larger, invisible realities of our universe and our experience in it. All our faculty strive to show how art is a vehicle for realization of such intangibles as much as it is to show something tangible.

We see art as a vital part of human expression; humans cannot adequately express themselves without it. We strive to create an environment that encourages vibrant community. We value the kind of visual expression that is consistent with the University’s endeavor to prepare students to be authentic and compelling reflections of the Creator’s Redemptive Idea.

These goals are evident in the kinds of things we do. For example, we take an annual trip to important museums and galleries in either New York City or Washington D.C. to experience important works of art and culture first-hand. We travel semi-annually to Paris, France and the surrounding country-side to visit and study in museums and cathedrals. We also take advantage of regional art destinations such as museums, galleries, art fairs, lectures and outdoor nature destinations. Travel is an important part of the learning process.

We also have required department-wide critiques in which students and faculty are able to view and respond to individual student work. All majors exhibit their work in solo or group shows as a part of their graduation requirements.
All this happens in the middle of the beautiful Bluegrass Region, known worldwide for its horses and horse farms—an inspiring backdrop for learning to appreciate and respond to God’s beauty.

Department Distinctives

  • Field-specific internships and a holistic educational process incorporating faith and art provide a redemptive view of art through critical writing, the personal Artist Statement, and theological reflection on artistic calling.
  • Strong Foundations courses in Art.
  • Approachable, friendly, challenging, well-informed, well-read, highly motivated, sought-after, widely exhibited and interesting faculty who hold degrees in the discipline they teach.
  • Critique Sessions – Students exercise critical judgment of their own and others’ works in regular directed study critique sessions
  • Directed Study Studios – Upper-level Art Majors have individual studio space for further development in their Directed Studies.
  • Senior Exhibit – Studio art students mount a solo exhibition of a body of work.
  • Senior Art History Presentation – Students completing the art history emphasis publicly present research at the annual art history symposium on campus, or a local museum or gallery; students may also choose to guest-curate a show on or off campus.
  • Senior Seminar – Students are given as a part of the curriculum hands-on training in professional exhibition and documentation. Portfolio preparation and plans for relevant graduate education and career opportunities are also explored.
  • Faculty Mentoring – Art students enjoy exceptional mentoring via contained class sizes, faculty advisors, Sophomore and Junior Review, and weekly directed study meetings with professors in the junior and senior years
  • Graduate School Preparation – The program enjoys a high acceptance rate to graduate school and a strong and supportive alumni base. The department maintains a portfolio of student work.
  • Alumni hold leadership positions in the field as nationally recognized artists, educators, church art directors, and gallery directors.
  • Seminar in France – Students study art in Paris, and explore world-renown art collections, castles and cathedrals in the Loire Valley and within Paris itself.
  • Art Trips – Students take advantage of regularly scheduled departmental trips to major art collections in Lexington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Washington, D.C. and New York
  • Our Surrounding Landscape – Asbury University is surrounded by the beautiful Bluegrass Region of central Kentucky, where rock fences, winding roads and wide-open spaces abound. We are also less than 15 minutes from cultural events and important art collections to view and study. It is the perfect balance of rural, unspoiled beauty with cultural centrality that makes Asbury a great place to study and practice art!

View a video about Asbury’s Paris Semester program here, click on “Overview.”