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Birmingham, AL 37229
(205) 726-4111

Undergraduate Enrollment: 135
Art Department Graduates Per Year: 12


art_departments-samford-image_2Full-Time Faculty
Joseph Cory, MFA
Richard Dendy, MVA
Lauren Frances Evans, MFA
Scott Fisk, MFA
Charles Ford, Ed.D
Jeannie Krumdieck, MS
Ryan Misner, MUPR
Larry Thomspon, MFA
Stephen Watson, MFA
Mary White, MFA
Part-Time Faculty
Maureen Forman, MFA
Julie Hooper, MA
Emily Kelley, MA

Degrees Offered
BS in Studio Art
BA in Studio Art
BFA in Graphic Design
BFA in Interior Design

Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Worship and the Arts
Pre-Architecture (Non-Degree)


Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Worship and the Arts
Pre-Architecture (Non-Degree)

Art Department Highlights
Our mission is to educate future artists who will go out and share their talents with the world. Be it in traditional studio media or the digital world of graphic design, our aim is to equip students with the tools necessary to become successful artists, designers, and professionals in the field. Our faculty is filled with experienced and accomplished artists and scholars dedicated to student success. To the wider community we hope to expose the Samford campus and Birmingham region to a diverse array of visual arts, and foster an environment of creative excellence and patronage for the arts. Whether your interest is in taking a drawing class, choosing a major, or visiting the Samford gallery to take in our current exhibition, we welcome you to the art department at Samford.

As part of the art and design experience at Samford, School of the Arts students share an innovative curriculum, Catalyst, which is designed for the next generation of artists. The new course structure provides a collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment for students to prepare for today’s job market while developing skills to fulfill meaningful vocations. The program culminates in an immersive senior Catalyst project, providing a professional-level experience.