All Angels’ Church

All Angels' Church251 West 80th Street
New York, NY 10024

Rev. Christine Lee, Vicar
Seth Little, Director of Worship Arts

All Angels’ Church desires to see people transformed by the gospel, formed into the image of Christ and empowered for missional living.

From the intricate complexities of creation in the first chapters of Genesis, to the ornate decoration of the throne room of heaven in Revelation, we see God’s creative expression throughout scripture and in the world. As people created in the image of God, we understand the powerful impact art can have in stirring our hearts, minds, convictions and emotions. The contributions of the artists in our community help us communicate and understand things about God that might otherwise be inexpressible. Our desire is that through these creative gifts, people will be directed toward the ultimate Creator – God Himself.

All Angels ChurchAll Angels’ commitment to the visual arts is rooted in an active engagement with the work of artists. The Rob Buckley Memorial Art Gallery at All Angels’ hosts multiple exhibitions each season dedicated to displaying the work of living Christian artists. In addition to the gallery, commissions of Lenten art installations and sponsorship of various other art projects play a vital role within the church’s ministry. These contributions serve to enhance corporate worship, enrich the church space, and broaden the scope of outreach.