Bethel Lutheran Church


312 Wisconsin Avenue 
Madison, WI 53703

Pastor Scot Sorensen, Lead Pastor
Pastor John Swanson, Assistant Pastor
Jacqui Shanda, Arts Ministry Leader


The visual arts have played a crucial role in communicating God’s word

throughout history. In 1968 the Bethel Lutheran Church Fine Arts Committee was established to develop Bethel’s own Fine Arts Program as an outreach of God’s word. The collection includes more than one hundred works of art, which add to the beauty of our church and our ongoing worship experience. They also serve as an outreach to the greater community.

To support various visual art mediums that convey God’s word in new ways to the communities within and beyond Bethel.
The Fine Arts Committee sponsors six art shows a year, which are generally celebration_tablesphotod.heerendisplayed in the Fireside Gallery featuring local artists. Special performance artists are brought in to enhance the liturgical season and/or worship experience. Art pieces which communicate the Christian message are purchased and displayed throughout Bethel’s sacred spaces.