Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Bethlehem Lutheran Churchbeth_photo
5701 Eden Prairie Road
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345
United States
(952) 934-9633
The geographical area around the city of Bethlehem is known as Ephrathah. In that spirit we want our gallery to feature art that expands our imaginative horizons and gets us to look out toward the great mysteries and grandeur that surrounds us.


Something new built on a deep cornerstone:
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Celebrating God in Truth and Beauty
The creative arts can carry us to the things that really matter.
We have a vision for a church that uses art and imagination to see God in our midst.
Arts Program concert_photo_2
We want to show a variety of work. From new artists who might be looking for that first place to share their work, all the way to established artists. We are hoping to have new work every 3 to 4 months.
The gallery will be the scene of a regular concert series.
Please see CIVA’s Calls for Art Page for more information about submitting artwork to be shown at the Eprathah Gallery.