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Park Cities Presbyterian Church - Arts FestivalPCPC’s Juried Art Show and Art+Spirit speaker series are part of the Park Cities Presbyterian visual arts program.

We call our visual arts ministry ‘outreach’ because the Church through much of its history was the chief patron of the arts. In many ways, it gave up that role following the Reformation and Enlightenment. In so doing, there was a great loss on “both sides of the aisle” so to speak. The Church lost its zeal for the creation. The arts lost its zest for the Creator. The Church drifted from its cultural influence. The arts drifted from its spiritual influence. What now exist as a result of that drift are two independent entities that do not realize how much they need each other. Therefore, here at PCPC, we consider our efforts as outreach, or reaching out, to the art world and saying, “Let’s reconnect.”

Arts Program
Our speaker series is quite representative of our desire to reconnect and build a healthy relationship with the visual arts –not only in the breadth of speakers, but also in the religious diversity–from Catholics to charismatics to Protestant and Jewish. Excellent art is not confined to religion; rather it is the expression of God-given talent, hard word, and opportunity.

In addition to our speaker series, we offer the community at large on-going opportunities to behold beauty through installations in our chapel and other spaces. Our Biblically themed, professionally juried shows encrouage the artists to express at the highest level while at the same time allowing our community to explore different approaches and views of the same subject through the visual arts.

At PCPC we do not apologize for standing for the Christian faith and belief in Jesus Christ, or that we believe the Old Testament and New Testament are the foundation of truth and the best source of inspiration for creativity. However, we do not make this belief a condition for involvement in our art show or speaking series. We want to reconnect the Church and the art world, and let that dialogue inspire and encourage excellent art.

Other Information
2013 Juried Art Show
“Justice and Mercy”
Registration 1 August – 28 September 2013
Cash Awards for Best of Theme and Viewers’ Choice

Opening Concert: Friday, 8 November 2013
Show: 8 – 17 November 2013

All media accepted including non-narrative, short film.
See website for complete rules and details: