Redeemer Arts Ministry

Redeemer Arts MinistryCenter for Faith & Work
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
1359 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Kenyon Adams, Maria Fee

The Redeemer Arts Ministry, located in the Center for Faith & Work, seeks to:

  • Redeemer Arts Ministrybuild community among artists where they can know and be known by God and one another;
  • provide opportunities for artists to create in Christ-centered community, for the benefit of the church and the city;
  • lead the Redeemer congregation to engage with the art of NYC and with its artists, for the purposes of cultural renewal.

Our Arts Ministry looks to embrace artists while challenging them to invest in Christian community, express and integrate their faith through their creative work, and look to God’s glory in which they’ll find their own.

Redeemer Arts Ministry  Redeemer Arts Ministry